The Best WYSIWYG Visual Editor Plugins For WordPress (2024)

WYSIWYG visual editors WordPress

WordPress is a powerful tool to build websites but the built-in functionality often leaves a lot to be desired. The good news is that there are numerous front end visual editors for WordPress that’ll help you create a pixel perfect design.

The only potential problem is that there are so many options. We’ve gone through the available tools and picked out the best WordPress visual editors. They all come with tons of customization options to choose from and are compatible with a wide range of tools. Some of the visual editors are even free.

1.      Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect visual editor plugin

Thrive Architect is a “click to edit” solution available for all WordPress website owners. This is a convenient visual editor, which is helping thousands of people manage their websites without any technical expertise.

You can develop beautiful WordPress websites with the help of this tool. Thrive Architect is what I’d refer to as a true visual editor. Many of the tools on this list appear to be visual editors but revert to the WordPress editor when you get going. Thrive Architect is different. It allows you to drag and drop elements on the front end of your website and what you see is truly what you get.

The plugin comes with hundreds of landing page templates and even has global blocks. If you build dozens of pages with the tool, you just need to edit something once and it’s reflected across your website.

Key features

  • Designed to help you speed up the page building process
  • Can work with any WordPress theme
  • You can get previews (and editing access) on smartphone, desktop, and tablet
  • There are 329 pre-designed templates
  • Global blocks to speed up the page creation process
  • Save custom templates to use when needed


  • No custom CSS control
  • It can be slow to load at times


It has a one-off fee for a single site license that costs $67. You can also pay it on a monthly basis at $19 and get access to all of the Thrive plugins.

2.      Visual Composer

Visual composer WYSIWYG editor

Visual Composer is one of the most popular WordPress WYSIWYG visual editors on the market and comes bundled with multiple premium themes. When you start looking for a visual editor, this is one of the very first names you will notice.

The main reason behind the popularity of this tool is that it helps you to take complete control over the design of your website. You can edit or tweak borders, spaces, background and even the parallax effects to create stunning designs.

No matter what WordPress theme you have on the website, Visual Composer is likely compatible. If not, you can reach out to the team behind the plugin and they’ll make the necessary changes to ensure compatibility. It’s also compatible with SEO tools like Yoast SEO so that’s the least of your concerns.

Key features

  • Offers custom CSS
  • Offers a responsive design
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO
  • Offers support for WordPress widgets


  • There is no customize support (if you customize the plugin, you’re on your own)
  • You don’t get global elements


Prices are starting from $59. There is a free version as well.

3.      Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is a free visual editor available for WordPress. It comes with multiple features that’ll help you design the site of your dreams.

The best thing about Page Builder by SiteOrigin is that it will not just help you to edit the front end of your WordPress website. You can also take control of backend editing through the widgets that come bundled together with the plugin.

Regardless of the theme you have on the WordPress website, you can use Page Builder by SiteOrigin and get access to all the functionality that it advertises.

In addition to many page editing features, it has what’s known as history. The history function allows you to see all of your edits and allows you to revert to previous versions at the click of a button.

Key features

  • Offers both front end and back end compatibility
  • Can work with any WordPress theme
  • It is completely based upon widgets
  • Comes to you with a useful history browser


  • There are no history backups
  • You don’t get import and export options


Prices of this editor is starting from $29. You can also get a free version.

4.      Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder gives you access to many robust features without having to understand how to code. As proof of its ease of use, nearly 200,000 websites rely on Beaver Builder to create stunning websites.

The tool is also compatible with WooCommerce stores and supports multilingual websites. The drag and drop editor gives you precision control of how elements are placed which ensures you’re able to build the website you’ve envisioned. Of course, every page is mobile optimized so you can give the best experience to your visitors.

Key features

  • WooCommerce support
  • Offers a helpful community
  • Comes with complete mobile responsiveness
  • Offers outstanding pre-made templates
  • Compatible with a wide range of themes


  • Undo and redo editing functionality is not available
  • No split testing functionality is available


Price is starting from $99.

5.      Themify Page Builder

Themify WordPress visual editor plugin

Themify is not just a front-end visual editor, but also a back end visual editor. It comes with all purchased Themify themes but it’s also available as a standalone plugin that’s compatible with most WordPress themes.

One of my favorite features of the plugin is the ability to duplicate pages which can be important if you like a layout and just want to tweak the content. It’s also one of the few tools that offer exporting and importing.  

Don’t feel like you’ll be locked into a subpar editor. Themify is one of the most versatile themes available for WordPress. Based on your personal preferences; you’ll be able to launch either the backed editor or frontend editor to build the site of your dreams.

Key features

  • Offers mobile responsiveness
  • You can extend the functionality with add-ons
  • Offers multi-site support
  • Copy and paste entire page sections/modules
  • Large number of layouts
  • Animations and styling


  • Lack of bulk editing features
  • Many of the most powerful features are available as addons (like a pricing table)


You can get a free version of Themify. If you want to unlock all features, you should go for the Pro version, which is priced at $69.

6.      Oxygen

Oxygen WordPress builder

Oxygen is one of the most popular WordPress visual editors in the world. The pre-built templates that come with Oxygen can help you develop the pages of your website in a breeze.

On top of that, you’ll also notice how the drag and drop features are helping you get that perfect design. If you are managing an online store with WooCommerce, Oxygen is an ideal tool.

It’ll help you customize the pages associated with your online store, including the product pages, product category pages, and checkout page.

Key features

  • Drag and drop editor with an intuitive interface
  • SEO friendly
  • Dozens of animations to choose from
  • You can get fully responsive editing
  • Comprehensive support for WooCommerce


  • Doesn’t offer bulk editing capabilities
  • Lack of CSS control


You can get premium subscription for $99 per year.

7.      Elementor

Elelementor visual composer

Elementor is another well-known visual editor available for WordPress and it specializes in helping you get a clean no-frills design.

Additionally, you’ll have access to a support team that’ll help you complete your edits within the shortest possible time. It comes with over 150 different templates and to choose from and also throws in additional features such as a pop-up builder, content lock functionality, WooCommerce builder, and shape dividers. If you want a fully customizable website, this is a good option to consider.

Key features

  • Comes to you with a dedicated WooCommerce builder
  • Has powerful customizing capabilities
  • Offers easy integration with numerous marketing platforms
  • Has more than 150 Elementor kits


  • Lack of Elementor kits when compared to other competitor options
  • Import and export feature is lacking


You can get a free version of Elementor. Pro version is starting from $49

8. Divi Builder

Divi builder

Divi is, hands down, one of the most popular WordPress visual builders out there and has held sway for a number of years. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its user-friendliness.

Without having any coding knowledge, you can configure Divi Builder and craft your website according to your preferences. Regardless of the WordPress theme, Divi Builder can deliver customization capabilities (it also has themes you can take advantage of).

It has a wide range of features like content blocks, email capture, testimonial section, etc. If, at any time, you have issues using it then you can reach out to the 24/7 customer support to arrive at a resolution.

Key features

  • It offers an interactive user interface
  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • You can get 24/7 support
  • Full CSS control for pixel-perfect designs
  • Simple drag and drop builder
  • Hundreds of pre-made designs


  • Doesn’t offer block-wise control


Price is $89, including all the themes and plugins.

9.      Live Composer

If you’re looking for a solid WYSIWYG visual builder for WordPress, Live Composer is for you. You can easily use this visual builder to customize your website according to your vision. The best part is that it’s free – you don’t need to spend any money to get started.

It has robust drag and drop features that put you in control of how your website looks to visitors. Live composer has over 30 modules you can select from to create a unique design that sets your website apart. It’s simple to learn and master so you can focus on bringing your website to life.

Key features

  • More than 30 content modules are available
  • SEO friendly
  • In-built presents
  • Offers complete Woo-Commerce customizations


  • Not the most SEO friendly
  • Cannot work with all WordPress themes


This is a free WordPress editor.

10. Zedity

Zedity visual editor

Zedity is a solid visual editor that’s compatible with most WordPress themes. It’s a free tool that automatically generates CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code as you build the website. Though it’s not as robust as many of the paid options, it’s more than enough for your first website. If you outgrow it, you can switch to another visual editor and continue where you stopped.

Key features

  • Flexible and free layout
  • Easy to use
  • You can get HTML5 along with it
  • Optimized for multimedia content


  • You don’t get customer support
  • Focus is only on multimedia


This tool is completely free.


WordPress is one of the most popular website builders in the world. It has thousands of plugins and can be customized to fit your every need. Among those plugins are WYSIWYG visual editors that’ll allow you to design a website you can be proud of.

This guide has gone through the most powerful tools available right now. I think Thrive Architec is the best and it’s the tool we’re using on this website. It’s not perfect but it’s inexpensive and will help you create a professional-looking website in hours instead of weeks.

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