UpLead Review: Is It Safe & Legit, Or A Scam?

uplead review

When you’re looking to grow a business that’s just starting out, there aren’t that many ways to grow. Paid ads is usually very expensive, to the point where you will lose money to acquire a customer up front. 

SEO to generate inbound leads will take a long time, for a new business, results may take over 1 year to come. 

So that really only leaves outreach as the sole strategy. 

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Outreach sales is one of my favourite strategies for growth. It’s not a crazy scalable solution, but it’s cost friendly and you get to have direct contact with the end user. 

One of the more popular solutions for outbound sales is UpLead. The tool can help you scout out emails and contact numbers of your prospects so you can save time and sell to the right buyer. 

There’s nothing worse than selling to someone who doesn’t have the decision making abilities, so UpLead will help you pinpoint the right people. Here’s our review of Uplead:

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UpLead is a sales prospecting tool that helps you track down the contact details of your prospect. The tool is able to dig up the emails and phone numbers of high level executives and management in various companies, with a 95% accuracy. 

The tool was founded not too long ago, in 2017 by William Cannon, as he wanted to create an automated tool to help sales teams track down accurate prospect data. 

Features & Functionality


UpLead boasts of a contact database of 54 million contact with a 95% accuracy. There’s nothing more timewasting than spending time tracking down a prospect’s email and crafting up a golden email, only for the email to bounce back. UpLead understands this and is so confident that they offer money back if the data isn’t 95% accurate. 

The prospecting tool also helps you build a list of all potential targets and sort prospects by industry, position and location. 

Email Verification

UpLead has a real time email verification system, where they will check if an email is clear the moment you request for it. This function can also be used to verify bulk email lists you have acquired elsewhere, to clean up your list before you start outreaching. 

Chrome Extension 

Uplead operates out of a lightweight Chrome extension, so you can find prospect’s contacts while you’re on Linkedin or on a specific website. 

Add-Ons & Integrations

UpLead has an API to help you enrich your own product with customer data. UpLead’s vast database can be used to enrich company data and customer information. 

Uplead can give you information on a person with limited data, either from just a first name, email or company. This can help your sales team local more details and close more deals. 

Ease of Use

UpLead is a very simple tool to use, all you need to do is to install the Chrome plugin and the tool will be able to provide the details of prospects related to a website or a linkedin profile. 

Plans & Pricing

UpLead is free to start, giving you 5 credits a month to start and open access to 100% of their features. If you like what you get, their paid plans start at $99 a month, giving you 170 credits to use. 

Each credit will give you one contact, and UpLead is so confident in their accuracy that they will refund your credits if the email bounces. 

Another great option they do is they roll over your credits, so if you have a quiet month, your payment won’t go to waste. 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use 
  • API available 
  • High accuracy claim 
  • Credits roll over 


  • Premium pricing 

Final Thoughts 

To round things up, if you’re looking for a lead prospecting tool, look no further. UpLead is an amazing tool with a massive database to provide you contact data. Unlike some of their competitors such as Hunter, UpLead works with Linkedin, which Hunter does not, which gives them a massive boost. 

If you need sales, look no further. Get UpLead. 

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