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tokupgrade review

In this TokUpgrade review, we dig in and see what makes this TikTok growth bot stand out from the rest. As one of the most popular TikTok bots out there, TokUpgrade claims to be simple and straightforward to set up and use, and as a trusted and safe method for accounts who want to grow their followers. In this review, we see if this is actually true. 

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What is TokUpgrade?

Tokupgrade is a TikTok automation software that enables you to auto-engage potential followers to grow your followers. This ensures that the followers you receive are all real accounts and the people that do follow will have a high engagement rate due to them actually being interested in the content you post. 


Target your followers

TokUpgrade allows you to target your potential followers through advanced filters. This ensures that the people you engage with and interact through the bot will be relevant to your content, and the followers you grow will have a high engagement rate with your account. You can target based on who they follow, ie, target those who follow your competitors’ account or thoughts who like or engage with content with a specific hashtag. 

Auto Engagement 

Auto engagement will mean the bot running your account can go to work almost 24/7. The bot will automatically engage with accounts you target, from liking their posts, commenting or even follow and unfollow automatically. 

Tiktok Downloader

This additional tool is built in to help you download tik toks directly onto your desktop. When is this useful? Not all videos can be saved directly from the app (due to uploader’s permissions). Furthermore, when you want to have the file on hand on your desktop, having the ability to download straight onto your computer skips the need to transfer the file from your mobile – which may compress and lower the quality of the video. Marketers who want to repurpose videos or edit over someone else’s content or run ads using a Tik Tok video will adore this feature. 

Ease of Use

TokUpgrade is an incredibly simple tool to use if you want to fast track your follower growth. Simply log in to your account through TokUpgrade to set it up, and you will be led to a dashboard to customize your targeting settings. From there, you can set the bot times to run, and there you go. 


TokUpgrade starts at only $15 a week, with a limited speed in follower growth (through limited engagement speeds) and limited targeting features. The premium plan is priced at $25 a week, but gives you maximum growth speeds and full targeting features. 

Is TokUpgrade worth it? 

If you have a monetisation plan for your TikTok account down the track, then it will make sense to do everything you can to grow the account. This service has proven to be incredibly easy and straightforward to set up and use, so why not give it a try. You can always turn it off or end the plan if you don’t like the results you see. 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use 
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Secure website
  • Customer support – separating this tool apart from the other amateur bots 
  • Automation features 


  • There has been reports on delayed replies from their customer service team 

Is TokUpgrade Safe?

Let’s be honest. TokUpgrade is an automation tool that lets you auto-engage with other accounts using bots. This can yield levels of growth that will be incredibly expensive if you were to grow the account through traditional methods such as sponsoring influencer accounts or paying for Tik Tok ads, which most start up accounts or small businesses don’t have the resources to invest in. If you want to grow through bots, there will always be a risk as you are using a 3rd party software to grow, and you could have the risk of getting your account banned. 

So don’t be silly and set the automation feature to run 24/7 when your account is brand new, with no content. Stay under the radar and enjoy your growth in followers. 

Final thoughts 

To wrap our TokUpgrade Review up, we believe this tool is one of the best TikTok bots you can get if you want to grow your account followers. The service is professional and well-designed and developed, giving users a trusted experience on their platform. 

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