Tidio Review: Is this Livechat Software Worth Using?

tidio review

Tidio is a live chat and chat bot tool that is easy to use for all parties. This tool is loaded up with advanced features to put it ahead of many of ithe either live chat tools out there, but it also has a few drawbacks. 

In this Tidio review, we see if this live chat tool is worth getting. 

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Tidio Features & Functionality

Live Chat

This is the main feature of Tidio, giving your site visitors the ability to get support on demand. Addressing customer questions live can help you address your customers’ roadblocks on the spot, to help you get a higher conversion rate. 


You can also automate your chat when you don’t have someone manning the post. 

Email Marketing

The email marketing feature, as the name suggests, allows you to send marketing emails out to your list of subscribers. You get ready to use templates and scheduling features to help you   

Live Typing

The Live Typing preview allows you to see your visitor’s messages as they’re being typed in real-time. This way, you can think of a reply before the visitor even sends their question. This feature is especially handy at times when your customer service staff are handling multiple replies at once, they have more time to think of what they want to say and pleasantly surprise the customers with a quick reply. 

The Visitors list

The live visitors list will show you all the people who are currently browsing your website. Here, it is possible to proactively begin chatting with a selected visitor as well. Furthermore, the list will show you some basic data and the page they’re currently on.

Being proactive is great; the customer feels taken care of when you offer a helping hand on your own. The list lets you reach out to the live visitors, and your message will pop up for them in the chat widget.

Viewed Pages

The Viewed Pages history displays the most recent page accessed by the visitor within your website (as long as Tidio is installed there). This allows you to identify what the visitor is browsing, like a particular product page. The list also includes a timestamp for the specific page’s visit.

While supporting a visitor, it is best to know what they’re seeing. With the Viewed Pages list you can track their journey through your website and know where they have been exactly. This makes your assistance more direct, and you don’t need to ask that many questions.

Tidio Add-Ons & Integrations

Tidio support integrations with many other tools, to help you automate and better your customer journey. From Analytics to your CRM, Tidio can connect. We showcase a few popular integrations, but in total, there’s over 50 apps that Tidio can connect with. 


Having a Zapier integration can usually mean your tool is free to connect with any software. You can send data from one tool to another, from customer information to the messages. 


WordPress websites power 40% of the world’s websites, so having a direct integration will make it easy for you to connect your live chat too to your website. You won’t need to worry about hiring a developer to paste that code into your header file, or worse, trying to do so yourself and breaking the website. Simply download the plugin, and your tool will be ready to use. 


Shopify websites dominate the e-commerce landscape, with their easy to use interface for both the site owners and customers. So the last thing you need is a tool that requires you to dive into the backend code to install. Tidio has got you covered with their direct integration. 

Google Analytics 

Once you have customers coming in and starting chats with you, you want to know the results behind your efforts right? The numbers that convert, who actually buys? Having a direct Google Analytics integration will mean conversion tracking will be seamless, and you don’t need to worry about pasting in the tracking code in the backend. 

Ease of Use

Tidio is incredibly easy to use for both the site owner, and the customer. With the abundance of integrations available, you can install on your site seamlessly. 

As a customer, the live chat tool is seamless to use too, simply press the button at the corner of the page to start a chat. 

The user interface is quite straight forward to use, with a good onbboarding proicess to help you customise the tool to your preferance. 

Tidio’s Plans & Pricing

Tidio is free to start, giving you a fair amount of features to get started. 

Moving up, they have two plans for you to choose, from their Chatbot plan, giving you access of their Chatbot, so you can automate your conversion. 

Their Communicator plan is priced the same, at $18 a month, giving you the more advanced features such as live typing and viewed pages. 

It is disappointing to see they don’t offer everything in one bundle, so you can automate your chat when your staff aren’t monitoring, but also get access to the advanced features once they are present. 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use for all parties
  • Advanced chat features included
  • Integrations available 
  • Email marketing available 


  • No bundle with chatbots and advance chat features 
  • Extra $10 per user to man the chat

Help and support 

Tidio has a range of features to help with potential issues, including: 

  • Live chat
  • FAQ 
  • Email 
  • Case studies 

Final Thoughts

Tidio is an affordable live chat tool, giving you an abundance of features for a very fair price, even free to start off! It is slightly disappointing they don’t bundle their features into one package for the power user, but perhaps if you don’t the full set, then having the choice of paying for what you need is a plus for you. 

It’s an easy-to-use tool, and a no-brainer to have on your website if your want to increase your conversion and sell MORE! 

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