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Why Find a SaaS SEO Specialist? 

The market is full of SEO agencies that happen to serve SaaS businesses. They also serve financial advisers, lawyers, eCommerce brands, and bloggers. At first glance, they may seem like a good choice. After all, they have experience in multiple industries.

The problem is that they don’t have any skin in the game. It’s client work and their revenue isn’t determined by how many people land on the website and start a trial or request a demo. 

Yours is. 

Why not get help from those who’ve actually built and successfully run their SaaS businesses with an SEO driven strategy, and who know how to build some mean links to get your SaaS ranking.


As a SaaS brand, you live and breathe by your rankings. 

Sure, paid traffic can be effective, especially in the beginning or for testing purposes but what happens when the CPC increases and makes the entire system you’ve built unprofitable?

Do you throw in the towel, pat yourself on the back, and talk about what a good run you’ve had? 

Of course not. 

You find ways to diversify and SEO is one of the most powerful acquisition channels in your arsenal. 

Because at the end of the day, the higher you rank will mean the more traffic you get and the sales you make. 

As marketers with a nick in SEO, we strongly believe SEO is the only ever-green marketing channel out there. When you have your pages ranking at the top of Google, you will be able to get website traffic and make sales long after you’ve stopped any sort of marketing. 

On top of that, with every step on the way, you can have an accurate prediction of the sales and revenues that you can get, because the higher you rank, the more traffic you will get, and you can forecast your revenue based on your conversion rate. 

This isn’t just idle talk, we’ve done it with our own SaaS company, increasing organic traffic from less than 500 visitors a month to over 11,000 organic visitors in less than a year. 

This is in one of the most competitive spaces online (digital marketing and lead generation). We can do the same for you. 

Leveraging SaaS SEO to Accelerate  your MRR

Data-Driven approach

SEO is not like traditional marketing. It’s not like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. The core of every successful SEO strategy starts with a site audit and keyword research.

No matter what you’re targeting, and what pages you create, you should only do so when it aligns with your brand goals. 

Once you have the keywords you want to rank for, you can start fleshing out the strategy (as explained in the next steps) and get an idea of what type of pages you need to create or what blogs to write. 

The content you create will help you rank up for terms outside of your brand name search, and will be the core of SEO strategy.

Content strategy

We find high value content opportunities that align with your buyer personas, grow your traffic, and lead people through your funnel. It goes beyond search traffic, which is a vanity metric on its own, and includes content that converts visitors into trials and sales. 

Content promotion

Outreach to secure placements of your content in the best possible niche relevant outlets whether that’s via guest posting, link insertions, or collaborating with influencers to share your content across the web. 

Link building

Get quality links on authority blogs with a high Domain Authority (50+) which will create a Google-proof SEO foundation immune to the latest algorithm updates.

Accelerated growth

All that matters is the ROI of your efforts. We scale your digital PR so your revenue goes up and to the right.

Team support 

We’re just a message or call away. 1-on-1 support, constant communication, and clear reporting that helps you understand exactly how far you’ve come (and where you’re going).

Going Beyond “Traffic Generation”

Traffic is nice but it’s a vanity metric. We could create content like “gif maker”, rank it, and get you 300,000 visitors a month. 

We could then turn around and turn that into a case study about our traffic generation prowess. That would be doing you a disservice. The main thing is to generate relevant traffic that’ll grow your revenue month over month. We do that with the following process. 

Upgrading your blog 

A blog has 2 main purposes, one, of course, is to have content for your site visitors and people in your industry to read. The second is to build quality backlinks from authority websites. 

This is only possible when you have content that goes above and beyond the competition. When people interact with it, they say “wow” and add you to their mental list of quality websites. We assist your content team to improve what they’re producing or do it for you as part of our service.  

Ranking For Your Solution

We don’t simply rank for your brand name, we help you compete for the services you provide. Even if the term is ultra-competitive, we can provide both the content guidance and the strong backlink support to get your site ranking. 

Insider Link building 

You’ve probably heard of the term link building before, but if not, I’ll quickly run you through it. In order to rank high up on Google, you basically need some kick-ass links going into your site. As you can imagine, not all links are equal, so the more exclusive and powerful your links are, the stronger your website will get, and the easier it will be to rank in Google. 

Outranking the review sites 

As a software trying to rank for valuable positions on Google, not only are you competing with other software, but you’re also competing with a lot of review sites such as Capterra, G2, and blogs with the “Top 5 Best X Software”.

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Ready to accelerate your SaaS?

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