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Powerful Tools of Trade to Boost Your Online Growth

We only recommend tools that we use or have personally vetted to ensure that you are only getting the best deal. If you’re serious about your online business journey, then you know you can’t do it alone. You need the tactical tools and platforms to run your business. 

From building the foundations of your business with the right research tools to choosing the perfect management tool for your team, this list will set you in the right direction.

Hosting: DreamHost

Every online business starts with a reliable hosting service. There’s nothing worst than building a site and working hard on the marketing, only to have a hosting service that’s slow and letting you down. 

DreamHost has multiple packages to cater to whatever stage your business is in, from affordable WordPress packages to dedicated servers for your site getting traction, it’s fast and reliable service is backed up by their 24/7 service. 

Website Builder: Elementor 

Elementor is one of the most popular website builders, climbing the ranks fast and nearing one of the most favourite  builders within the community of developers. Due to their flexibility and block based structure, even those who can’t code can build beautiful sites from tweaking their prebuilt themes or using their drag and drop features. 

Website builders have traditionally been associated with heavy bloat and known to slow down websites (which good developers hate). What makes Elementor popular within developers is their low bloat and ability to still process data fast as a website builder. 

No matter what type of site you’re building, Elementor can cater to your needs.  

Webinar Platform: Webinar Jam

Webinar Jam is one of the best webinar platform software out there, offering incredible value at an affordable price point. Record and broadcast your webinar through the platform and engage with your audience live with their live chat features. You can reschedule your webinars and even run them from your mobile with their mobile application. 

Task Management Tool: Monday

Monday is a task management platform that enables you to manage your team, tasks and projects. Having a management tool such as Monday in place is the only way your business can scale, no matter what stage you’re currently in. It’s essential you have the fundamentals in place, so you you don’t lose track of your tasks and projects and ensure that work still gets done. 

Email Marketing Tool: Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the largest and most reliable tools you can use for email marketing. The platform will have everything you need to do email marketing from start to finish, from your lead form capture to setting up the automation emails, Active Campaign is the platform to use. 

Instagram Growth: Ingramer

As one of our most popular recommendations, Ingramer is an incredibly easy tool to use if you want to grow your followers on Instagram. This follow and unfollow bot is able to strategically target potential followers using your account and interact with them so you can increase your reach and interactions at a tiny fraction of the cost if you were to spend it on Instagram ads. 

Competitions: Gleam

Running competitions to promote your page or brand is one of the  most effective ways to increase your followers and building a database to market to. Gleam is one of my favourite tools to use, due to their built-in viral loop, where their points based system encourages entrants perform extra tasks such as sharing the competition and following the page to get a higher chance of winning. 

A lack of commitment to one thing is just as productive as doing nothing at all 

- Andrew Dumont

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