Printful Review: Is This POD Service Worth Using?

printful review

Printful is a POD order fulfillment method where they offer you a wide range of whitelabel apparel and accessories, so you can create your own brand of merchandise to sell or gift to your customers. The service helps you create and send the products off to your customers, so you don’t have to worry about the logistics. In this Printful review, we explore if this solution is right for your business. 

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Printful Features & Functionality

Print-on-demand (or POD) is an order fulfilment method where items are printed as soon as an order is made, often, and in Printful’s case—without order minimums. With POD, you can create customized designs for a variety of products and sell them under your brand. Whether you’re operating an e-commerce brand and you don’t want the burden of stocking up all SKUs or you want to test the market with a limited release, POD is the perfect way to do so. 

Here’s what Printful can create for you: 

  • Men’s clothing 
  • Woman’s clothing 
  • Kid’s clothing
  • Hats
  • Home and living products 


Printful not only helps you Print on Demand but helps you with the end to end branding for your product too. Customize how you want your customers to open up your products by choosing the way your items get packaged up and customize your packaging to your brand too. 

Creative Services 

Printful offers creative services to help you create the content you need to sell. Creating content when you don’t have the physical product on you can always be hard, but Printful solves this by helping you create the marketing material  you need to be able to showcase your products to your customers. 

  • Graphic design services 
  • Photography services 
  • Videography services 

Warehouse and Fullfillment 

With Warehousing & Fulfillment, you can store products sold at your ecommerce store at Printful’s warehouse, and they’ll fulfil your orders and ship the products directly to your customers under your own brand. They offer this service worldwide, including America Europe and Australia, so no matter where your customers come from, they can get their products faster as the warehouse is not too far away. 

Add-Ons & Integrations

E-commerce Integrations 

Printful wouldn’t be the POD powerhouse they are today if they didn’t offer seamless integrations with all the popular e-commerce platforms out there. From Shopify, WordPress Woocommerce to Magento, having Printful integrated into your website can mean fulfillment can be automated as soon as the purchase comes in. 

Ease of Use

Printful is very easy to use. Their whole experience is based on an e-commerce experience, where you order what you need, or what you sell to your customers. Their customisation solutions are also well integrated into the process, from adding your logos, customizing the colors to changing the packaging, it’s all in one checkout process. 

Having larger volumes of orders coming in? No problem, Printful also saves your past orders and settings, so you don’t need to re-create your order every time. 

Plans & Pricing

Printful doesn’t charge a monthly fee, but rather just on the items you order. This is perfect for startups or for those who just want to try out selling products at a small volume, as you don’t need to worry about a large initial investment in stocking up all SKUs. 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use 
  • Great for low volume orders 
  • Lots of customisation options available 


  • Premium pricing 
  • You lose control over your logistics 

Final thoughts 

To wrap things up, Printful is a great service if you want to start selling physical merchandise, but you don’t want the headache of stocking up hundreds of SKUs and dealing with issues around the warehouse. Printful manages an end to end experience for you (at a premium price, of course). If you want to test out a small order of merchandise, and you want your logo printed on, Printful can help you. 

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