9 Best Print-on-Demand (POD) Sites

It is obvious that print-on-demand, also known as POD, has taken hold in the global business world. In recent years, print-on-demand has become one of the most popular eCommerce ideas.

It’s a profitable business model that’s relatively easy to understand and manage. With the right tools, you can set up your storefront and start selling immediately. 

You can use print-on-demand for a variety of things such as ordering custom products, launching a brand, or creating a new product line for your business. This guide highlights the best print-on-demand sites available so you can get started faster and avoid mistakes. 

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our comparisons and recommendations. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

Understanding print-on-demand

Print-on-demand is a business process whereby you do not need to keep an inventory of the products you plan to sell. As your end customers order products, your supplier receives details of the design and the quantity ordered before shipping directly to the customer. 

You will not pay anything for a product until after you have sold it slashes overhead costs. This allows you to invest more in customer acquisition or maintain a better profit margin.

This is similar to dropshipping in many ways – many people consider it a subset of dropshipping. The key difference is that dropshipping requires you to choose from products that have already been created by the manufacturer/supplier.

It is a profitable business model but It is challenging to select the right print-on-demand provider to realize your vision. The collection of products offered by each platform, shipping considerations, and unique features will influence your choice. Here are nine of the best.

1. Printful

Printful Print on demand

Printful is a popular white-label print-on-demand site that offers a large collection of premium products. These include clothing for all ages and gender, accessories, home decor in addition to an easy-to-use dashboard. Printful is one of the best print-on-demand services for sellers looking for an affordable and well-balanced solution.

Printful began as an online store selling motivational posters for entrepreneurs called Startup Vitamins from the Co-Founder’s living room. It began offering print-on-demand services in 2013 and shortly after launched a design maker in 2015.

In 2017, warehousing and fulfillment were introduced, and by 2019, over 10M of products had been fulfilled. Besides having state-of-the-art printing equipment worth more than $50.3M, Printful now stands at $200 million net revenue as of 2020.

One unique feature about Printful is its mockup generator that instantly gets you selling in minutes. With Printful, you get great service delivery, round-the-clock customer support, design services, and software tools. You can read our full Printful review here.

Key features

  • Printing options: With Printful, you can select direct-to-garment, embroidery, cut and sew, and sublimation printing depending on the item. 
  • Wide shipping coverage that takes two to five business days.
  • Printful currently hosts a built-in Mock Generator.
  • Multiple marketplace integrations.
  • Discounts for bulk purchases up to the tune of 30%


  • Only apparel, accessories, and homeware products fall under their product line.
  • Not all products may be shipped to every location. Examples are framed posters and canvases.


Printful doesn’t require subscription or membership fees, a minimum amount, or other miscellaneous fees. The orders placed by your customers are all you need to pay for. Its standard shipping cost starts from $3.99 depending on your location.

2. Printify

Printify print on demand site

Among print providers, Printify offers a wide selection of products and some of the best margins. A print-on-demand app, Printify acts as a middleman between you and a variety of independent printing facilities from around the world. Since 2013, Printfly has delivered 21M+ items, making it one of the market leaders in print-on-demand.

Key features

  • Printing: Depending on the provider and product, you can go direct to garment, sublimation, cut and sew, embroider, and more.
  • Shipping: Your choice of provider will affect shipping costs, location, packaging, and production. Product delivery is within 2-7 business days within the US.
  • A monthly premium plan that provides off 20% all orders is available.
  • Market integration: Shopify, Etsy, eBay, as well as other integrations
  • Mockup generator for ready-to-sell designs.


  • Branding options are limited (neck labels only)
  • Sometimes, print quality varies


Most shipping costs from print providers on Printify start at $4 from within the US. 



Redbubble is a print-on-demand site that specializes in giving independent artists a means to sell their print editions directly to consumers. It creates an avenue for that by giving more artists a larger audience to sell their print editions without large fees from middlemen.

Redbubble in terms of POD services is the best option for independent artists looking to make money from their work. The company was originally founded in Melbourne, Australia, and it has offices in San Francisco and Berlin as well.

Key features

  • Printing: Art Board Prints, Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Photographic Prints, and mounted Prints are print options.
  • Shipping: products are shipped from the printing destination within 7 business days. Delivery is worldwide
  • Adjustable language, shipping country, and currency settings available.
  • Offers brand partnership programs.


  • Low commissions earned.
  • Highly saturated marketplace and a lot of competition.


Standard shipping costs start at $5 from the US. 



SPOD is an efficient dropshipping print-on-demand service. You’re equipped with all the tools you’ll need to build, create, and expand your print-on-demand business.

Print-on-demand company SPOD provides customers with a premium drop shipping experience and fast fulfillment times. The SPOD site, operated by Spreadshirt (with 20 years of industry experience), is an online distributor of over 150+ print-on-demand products.

SPOD has been undergoing a lot of changes lately. The company has improved its market integrations, launched a new SPOD app, and more to increase customer satisfaction.

Key features

  • Printing: Thermal sublimation, digital direct print, digital transfer, and specific flex printing are available. 
  • Shipping: 95% of SPOD’s orders are shipped within 48 hours from the US with an estimated arrival time of 3 to 8 days.
  • Over 50k free designs and with a customization tool for design personalization.
  • Several points of sale, markets, and retail systems are now supported.
  • 20% discount on sample orders.


  • A limited array of products to choose from.
  • Only available in the US and Europe.


Shipping is calculated based on the quantity ordered. The standard shipping cost from the US starts at $3.57. Its products also come with highly competitive prices with a classic unisex T-shirt for as low as $6.71. There are no membership fees. 


CustomCat POD site

Over 550 products are available in CustomCat’s catalog, making it one of the biggest print-on-demand companies on this list. CustomCat was founded in 2015 and is a print-on-demand, drop shipping, & custom fulfillment service company for entrepreneurs and individuals.

You can choose CustomCat if you are looking for a wide variety of products and don’t mind using a simple design tool, along with competitive pricing and quick turnarounds.

Key features

  • Printing: There are direct-to-garment, sublimation, 3D dye diffusion, and embroidery printing options.
  • Shipping: Fast shipment, with most domestic orders arriving within two to seven business days and 4 to 15 days internationally.
  •  An optional monthly payment plan for $30 gets the lowest prices in the industry ($3.50 mugs).
  • Marketplace Integrations: Current marketplaces include Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Offer marketing tools like upsell strategies and customer data capture during the checkout process. 


  • Lacks extra design and branding support.
  • Warehouse and fulfillment options are not available.


Shipping costs start from $3.99 for domestic orders (within the US) and $6.25 for international routes.



One more print-on-demand company that stands out is Teelaunch. The most impressive part of this company is the quality of the mockups it generates for the designs you upload. It gives you professional-looking images for marketing materials and even lifestyle images if you desire.

It’s a perfect solution if you need to create quality products in one place.

Key features

  • Printing: Direct-to-garment printing, printing on apparel, and laser etching for products such as tumblers and cooking boards are both popular options.
  • Shipping: Shipment delivery from various facilities takes three to six business days. As a result, the package typically arrives with the customer within a week or two.
  •  The personalization tool allows customers to customize their products by adding their names or uploading photos. It also includes lifestyle photos and mockups.
  • Offer unique products such as Bluetooth devices, mousepads, etc.


  • Teelaunch offers fewer products, with 124 products to choose from.
  • Services are only limited to print-on-demand.


Teelaunch shipping costs vary based on the product. US shipping fees range from $2 to $10, and international shipping fees range from $2 to $20. They also offer value for money prices like their white mug which goes for as low as $3.50. 

7. LuLu xPress


Choosing a print-on-demand platform to sell books online can pose some challenges. Lulu’s xPress is a self-publishing platform that offers print-on-demand services.

From books to calendars, it lets you create and sell your print products that can be customized according to your needs.

Key features

  • Printing: Includes paper type, trim size (from pocketbook to A4 landscape), print quality, color, binding type (perfect bound, hardcover, etc.), and matte or glossy finish all done digitally.
  • Shipping: From US, Canada, Europe, and UK fulfillment centers within three to five business days to over 150 countries. 
  • It lets you sell books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu’s marketplace.


  • Costs additional to the basic publication (formatting, illustrations, etc.)
  • Lulu xPress will not print and ship items unless you have an eCommerce store to collect your orders.


Standard shipping costs start at $3.99 from the US.

8. Apliiq 

Among the best options for start-up clothing lines that put design and quality first is Apliiq print-on-demand. This downtown LA apparel company lets you design retail-quality products on your private label. Apliiq is a great choice for start-ups looking to operate their fashion brands online and off.

Key features

  • Printing: Print options include digital print, screenprint (for bulk orders), cut and sew, appliqué (where design elements are sewn on as separate fabric), and embroidery. 
  •  Free product branding tools from label, clothing tag, to embroidered patch. 
  • Shipping: It might take up to seven days to complete an order after which it is shipped between 1-5 days to over 150 countries. Expedited shipping is available for an additional 10% rush fee.
  • Wholesale discounts starting at 20% off for 10 or more items.
  • Free shipping is available for orders over $100 within the USA for bulk or sample orders.


  • Integrates with only Shopify and Flamory.
  • Longer shipping times.


Standard Shipping costs start at $3.99 from the US. You can get a Gildan’s men’s t-shirt for as low as $3.00 depending on the size and quality.

9. T- POP


Founded in Europe, T-Pop offers print-on-demand apparel and accessories. Those looking for eco-friendly print-on-demand companies with an ethical supply chain and business practices will appreciate this site.

With T- Pop print-on-demand personalized services, your brand will appear on everything that your customers receive, from the packaging to the packing slip.

Key features

  • Printing: Their printing methods include sublimation dyeing and direct-to-garment dyeing depending on the type of material.
  • Shipping: All orders are printed in France. Estimated delivery for domestic orders is within two to four business days. They also ship to Europe and other parts of the world.
  • Free branding options. Includes logo or social handles on the package and packing bag.


  • Only three market integrations besides direct orders are available.
  • Shipment tracking is not available for some Overseas countries (New Caledonia, Clipperton, Wallis, etc)


Standard shipping rates from France start at €3.95. One of its lowest prices in products is a ceramic mug starting at €6.80.


There’s no doubt that print-on-demand can be a profitable venture. However, you need to take into account your goals and the amount of effort you will be able to invest in promoting and growing your brand when choosing which platform to use.

Having a partner with a unique catalog, pricing, and feature set makes all the difference once you have identified what you want. Use this collection of print-on-demand sites to narrow your search and make the most of your efforts. 

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