Outsourcely Review: Is it worth hiring a VA here?

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Outsourcely is a virtual assistant company that helps you connect with virtual assistants through their platform and have many remote workers based all over the world.

The company began with a strong presence in the Philippines but now have more than 400,000 remote workers in their database to choose from when hiring a virtual assistant.

Here’s our review of Outsourcely:

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Outsourcely claims that their core service is helping you find a virtual assistant, which they claim is “unlike other virtual assistant companies”, in which they can help with a specific skill like VAs for designers and assign you someone right off the bat, however, because Outsourcely allows you to 1) make a job posting 2) choose from a group of applicants, which makes them a direct competitor with the larger remote work marketplaces, rather than a virtual assistant company.

Plans and Pricing

Outsourcely operates similar to platforms such as OnlineJobs.ph, where the employer will have to pay a set fee to access the talent. It’s free to post a job ad on Outsourcely, you will need a paid plan to see your applicants and start a conversation with them. Start at $19 where you

Why Hire Offshore Talent?

Reduce Costs

Reducing costs is almost always a factor in hiring offshore talent. Outsourcely claims that hiring an offshore team can reduce payroll by 75%, allowing you to increase the extra freed up resources back into growing the company.

Have a team working 247

If you hire a team on the opposite side of the world to where you, you can essentially have a business operating day and night (even on weekends too). This can be a double-edged sword, when not managed correctly, it can put more stress on your in house team, as they have to manage the offshore team in their own time

Increase Productivity

Delegation is an essential skill everyone must learn as they want to grow and climb up the job ranks. If you want your team to continue to grow, you can hire an offshore team for them to offload certain tasks, so they can focus their energy on more strategic tasks, and more tedious tasks such as customer service or reporting can be given to talent aboard.

Outsourcely vs Upwork

As a remote hiring platform, this comparison is a must. Upwork is the platform that dominates the remote work space these days, from hiring bookkeepers to marketing talent, the platform has it all. The main difference between these two platforms is that Upwork is free for the employers to use and hire talent, whereas Outsourcely will require you to pay a minimum of of $19 to access talent that applied for your job application.

A common benefit of charging the employer rather than the employee is that aside from the upfront costs, it could be cheaper in the long run as the employee can charge a lower fee as the platform won’t take a paycut.

Outsourcely vs Onlinejobs.ph

OnlineJobs.ph is a platform similar to Outsourcely, in a way that it helps you connect with VAs. The difference is OnlineJobs.ph specialises in talent from the Philippines (which in my opinion, are fantastic offshore talent), and Outsourcely has talent from over 180 countries.

Outsourcely does take the edge when it comes to pricing, as they start at $19, whereas OnlineJobs.ph will cost you $59 to start contacting your job applicants.

Both services will give you a similar level of talent and it will go down to your own hiring skills to sorting out a good match.

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Outsourcely vs Fiverr

Heard of Fiverr? It’s another freelance / remote work platform, but unlike a Outsourcely where you can hire a VA as part of your team, Fiverr is purely for individual services, ie if you want a logo designed or of you want to make an explainer video, Fiverr is the platform to use.

From experience, I always use Fiverr for specific once in a while tasks, as it is as easy as purchasing a product off Amazon (which is what they based their concept off) but if I need someone to join my team for constant work, then hiring a VA off a platform such as Outsourcely or Upwork would be preferable.

fiverr logo design

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Final Thoughts: Why hire offshore talent on Outsourcely?

To be honest, I wouldn’t. Their service is almost the same as Upwork, and they require you, the employer, to pay to access their talent. They don’t specialise in any sort of talent like their competitors at OnlineJobs.ph, where you can specifically hire talent from Philippines, Outsourcely has everyone.

As mentioned before, when a platform charges the employer rather than the employee (taking a cut out of their pay), you could get a cheaper rate with your employee, but when a platform takes, a cut, they also help with the on-going management of the relationship, help with transactions and resolve disputes.

Outsourcely charges a premium to access talent that can be easily found on Upwork and I just can’t find a reason that I’d go with them.

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