Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Review

For those looking to turn their business into a registered legal entity, it's essential to select a reputable and professional service as a partner.

In this Northwest Registered Agent's LLC service review, we’ll look at the key features, pros, cons, ease of use, features, and everything in between.

The Northwest Registered Agent provides its clients with a wide variety of services - the notable ones are registered agents and new business formation. 

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Highlighted below are some attractive aspects of the Northwest Registered Agent's service.

  • Articles: Northwest Registered Agent helps clients prepare articles of organization. Over the years, the company has proven to be one of the best in outlining business information.
  • Online document access: the company allows its clients to monitor its LLC business through its online website.
  • Reminders on annual reports: the company sends a reminder email to its clients' for free - it does this before the due date of the LLC company report.

Northwest Registered Agent overview.

Northwest Registered Agent was established in 1998 and provided services to help small businesses register their companies.

In the past 23 years, the company has created about two million businesses. Currently, it provides business formation services to over 200 entrepreneurs daily.

Northwest Registered Agent service representatives have detailed knowledge of LLCs and serve as a resource to its clients. Also, the company provides personalized customer service for its clients.

Key features of Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent provides the core features you need to form your LLC. It also has many additional services that further enhance the offering and lets you do most of the work required for your LLC.

Registered agent service

One of the critical features of a Northwest Registered Agent is its registered agent service. It can be the registered agent for your new company. 

This service isn’t limited to a handful of states; it’s available in all 50. This makes it possible to get a local registered agent irrespective of where your business is initially registered or its resident state. 

New state registration

Sometimes, moving business from one location to the other and finding the perfect service to help register an existing company in a new state can be difficult. Northwest Registered Agent provides help with the registration of existing companies in new states.

Also, its services help clients renew previous licenses and also make sure there's ongoing compliance with local regulations.

New business formation

This is the feature that most people come for, and they end up staying for everything else. As stated earlier, the company has helped form about 2 million businesses and has done so in every state. 

Before you start the formation process, you can use its name check to make sure your business name is available. From there, you can begin the process of registering your company and even get it done within one day. 

Corporate guide

Northwest Registered Agent provides each client with a personal, corporate guide in his/her state. The guides offer a personal service you want, and they also serve as your support agent.

The corporate guides are people that answer customers' inquiries and support them either via the phone or emails - they ensure the clients are on the right track. The company claims to never outsource its services; it uses a US-based agent for this task.

Ongoing compliance filing

Another service Northwest Registered Agent can help clients with is the ongoing business compliance filings like license renewals, annual reports, etc. It can help with the service at both the state and the federal agencies.

The company helps clients provide satisfactory yearly requirements, and it charges $100 per year plus the state fee.

VOIP business phone number

A VOIP is a telephone number given to a user to make calls over the internet instead of getting routed to a local telephone company. Northwest Registered Agent can help its clients get a voice-over-internet protocol number in any US jurisdiction, so they don’t have to use their number to perform business tasks. The company charges $9 for this feature.

Virtual office and mail forwarding

Northwest Registered Agent can help clients protect their privacy and contact information by creating a virtual office to serve as the business address. Also, the company can set up mail to be sent to your real account/address or digitally scan the mail and send it to you via email


Northwest Registered Agent has a transparent pricing structure. It clearly states what you're getting for a plan and the amount you'll be charged from the onset. Below is a break down of the costs:

Registered agents: 

This is necessary for most states - if you don't have a physical address for your company, some states require a registered agent.

Northwest Registered Agent can provide you an agent,  and it charges $125 per year for the service. The company's registered agents protect its clients' privacy, reduce spam messages, and give its customers maximum protection against corporate identity theft.

Online incorporation service:

Northwest Registered Agent has a single package for incorporating businesses. This package helps you form your LLC, corporation, or non-profit for $225.

The incorporation service is quick and hassle-free. Also, a lifetime of customer support from local experts is guaranteed. There's the inclusion of an operating agreement, and business formation documents are filed the same day.

Add on services

The company's primary task is to help with the formation of new business, serve as a registered agent, and offer ongoing support for filings and compliance requirements. However, the company has a wide variety of other services such as getting an EIN, certificate of good standing, premium mail forwarding, annual compliance filing, etc.

Certificate of good standing

This certificate is an official document to show that you meet all the requirements to run an LLC in your state.

However, this certificate is often used when you want to run a business in a different state. Northwest Registered Agent can provide its clients with this certificate for about $60.

Premium mail forwarding

Northwest Registered Agent provides its clients with a unique address and suite number that they can use for business in the state they want the mail to be sent to.

Also, there's an option for digital scanning or physical mail forwarding. The clients can also choose to use this address on their letterhead, bills, website, etc.

Federal Tax ID number

Northwest Registered Agent also helps clients obtain an Employer identification number (EIN). For clients that don't have a social security number, the company charges $200, and it may take about 4-6 weeks to obtain it. However, for clients who have a social security number, the service costs $50.

Annual compliance filing

Northwest Registered Agent helps its clients with the timely filing of their annual reports. 

Also, the company provides its address as the contact information on its clients' filings. And because Northwest Registered Agent files the report for its clients, its IP address is recorded by the state - this guarantees the protection of its clients' privacy.

The company will send a notification message about 90 days before the compliance filing is due and will automatically charge its clients about $100 plus state filing fees five days after.

Ease of use

One of the fundamental reasons for using an incorporation service is to make the process easy and fast. The Northwest Registered Agent's site fulfills this purpose for even the least technical users.

The process of application on the website has been simplified so that all that the clients need to do is to enter their details and make a payment for the order.

Below is the simple procedure clients have to follow:

  • Go to Northwest Registered Agent's website
  • Tap on the blue button that reads 'get started.'
  • Choose the service you want the company to deliver, or if you wish, get a free account.
  • After you've chosen the service of your choice, you'll see a summary of your order which gives an insight into what the package you chose entails
  • Type in your business information, your contact details and choose an add on feature you'd like to include if you're interested
  • Tap on continue, and type in your payment information, and tap on 'done.'

The registration process takes up only a few minutes, and the process is the same for both desktop and mobile applications. Have your business and bank details at hand before the registration because you'll be asked to fill in those details.

Pros and cons of Northwest Registered Agent.

What has a pro will have its cons - highlighted below are the Northwest Registered Agent's pros and cons.


  • Easy and transparent fee structure.
  • Top-notch protocols on security and privacy
  • Outstanding customer support
  • High-quality registered service agent.
  • The company doesn't share or sell the personal/business information of its clients to third parties.


  • Charges state fees separately.
  • Charges for an EIN separately 

Customer support

Northwest Registered Agent provides top-notch customer support to its customers. Its website offers both phone and email support. The company is detail-oriented and prompt.  Its dedication to providing excellent customer service to its clients is outstanding. 

If you do have a complaint related to the service, the team is responsive and knowledgeable about the service itself and the state you’re incorporating in. When dozens of people mention the support in their reviews, you know the company is doing something right.

Alternative to Northwest Registered Agent

There are numerous business formation services available, and not everyone will be right for you. Northwest Registered Agent isn’t suitable for everyone, so here are a few alternatives to take a look at.

  1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is the best for small businesses because it provides top-notch and affordable service to its clients. Also, the company offers its clients access to a registered agent service for one year before having to pay. 

The LLC packages of ZenBusiness include valuable features, the positive reviews dropped by clients are a testimony to this, and the company provides a solid customer experience. You can read the full ZenBusiness review here

  1. Rocket Lawyer

The company has been in existence for many years, and during that time, it has served over 20 million people. Its legal subscription plan provides its clients with many discounts on their business services, attorney consults, etc. The company also has excellent customer reviews.

Rocket Lawyer is more than an LLC formation service; it also handles different types of legal needs. With that being said, it knows its way around forming various kinds of companies, so you’ll be in good hands. 


Although its services are a bit more expensive than similar competitors, Northwest Registered Agent provides its clients with a ton of additional value. Its customer service is top-notch; it replies to customers' inquiries in detail and promptly. No doubt, its customer service is among the best in the business.

The company is an excellent option for creating a new business, using registered agent services, and managing your legal documents. Northwest Registered Agent is built on a transparent business model and a long track record which gives clients a sense of relief. Its online account is relatively straightforward to use and quick, so you won’t have to fumble around learning a new platform.

The company is one of the best LLC formation companies around. Although it has only a single package for incorporating a company, it ensures that it focuses on streamlining the process for its clients to focus on other things and not countless documents.

Frequently asked questions for Northwest Registered Agent review (FAQ)

What is the most significant benefit Northwest Registered Agent offers and the disadvantage?

The most significant benefit Northwest Registered Agent offers is its customer support. Compared to some of its competitors that outsource its support, the company takes utmost pride in giving its customers the best.

The disadvantage of the company is that its price is a bit higher than that of its competitors. 

What's the refund policy of Northwest Registered Agent?

Although the company provides a refund for clients within 60 days of their purchase, it charges $25 for the processing fee on all refunds.

Does Northwest Registered Agent provide a publication service?

Some states, like New York, require you to do a publication of your company's formation in a newspaper. Northwest Registered Agent does not help clients manage their publication requirements. However, it can render tremendous assistance with the process, that is, if a client forms an LLC in a state that requires publication. It offers clients a step-by-step procedure on how to complete the requirements.

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