MyCorporation Review – Is the LLC Service Worth It?

Selecting an LLC formation service provider is an important decision. The partner you choose can either make or mar your business.

To save you the stress, we’ve researched and compiled a detailed MyCorporation review. We'll highlight the critical features of MyCorporation, its pros and cons, pricing, and some other considerations.

The company offers a variety of legal services for the formation of an LLC. Below are some attractive aspects of My corporation.

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  • Speed: MyCorporation is quite efficient and prompt at delivering top-notch services to its clients.
  • Experience: the company has been functioning for several years to gather experience and perfect its business model. 
  • Customer service: its customer service is available on weekdays from 7 a.m to 5 p.m, either through email, phone calls, or online chat.

MyCorporation overview

MyCorporation was established in 1995 and over the years, the company has helped over a million entrepreneurs start and maintain their businesses with ease. The company is a foremost provider of document filing services online for customers who want to form an LLC or a corporation.

The company has crafted a name for itself even in the saturated marketplace as evidenced by hundreds of glowing reviews on independent websites.

Key features

Prepares and files articles of organization

An article of organization is a document that includes all the primary details about the LLC. The necessary information needed to prepare an organization's article includes name, street and mailing address, registered agent details, purpose, members, management, effective date, and signature.

MyCorporation helps clients draft articles of organization to clearly define what kind of organization they’ll be creating. Afterward, it files the articles with the clients' state of formation to create a company.

Annual report service

The company prepares and files yearly reports for its clients free for a year. Also, it provides a handy reminder tool to inform clients when the report is almost due. This way, clients will avoid paying a late filing fee and also meet up with deadlines.

MyCorporation makes the whole process fast and efficient. While the burden of compliance rests with you, this is an important service to make the process much easier.

Business name search 

MyCorporation helps its clients carry out a thorough name check by searching the state's database. This simple process can save you a lot of time and resources.

In situations when the client's desired business name has been taken by another company, the client will have to choose a different name and conduct another name availability search.

Also, if the client is not ready to register the business name yet, MyCorporation can help him/her secure the business name for future use.

Learning center

The company has a learning center where it provides many resources and online information for its clients'. Its clients are equipped with essential startup tips for small businesses.

Its clients have the opportunity to gain access to information that'll help start their businesses, maintenance requirements, and other resources.

The learning center contains some articles on commonly asked questions and concerns of people when starting a business - some of the articles on the company's websites are LLC vs. Corporation, entrepreneurs checklist, what comes after incorporation, etc. It gives research details on the essence of incorporating a business.


This feature is available for premium members.  MaintainMyBiz assists clients with further business maintenance service.

Over the course of a year, customers can order up to four business documents or product filing services which are not charged. Some of these services are corporate minutes and bylaws, Doing Business As (DBA) applications, LLC operating agreement, corporate seal, certificate of good standing, dissolution, certified copies, apostilles, etc.


MyCorporation offers its clients four packages for LLC formation. The packages are separated based on features, the higher the price, the more features it provides. The packages include a Basic package, standard, deluxe, and a premium package.

Basic package

The entry level packages give you the essential things you need to set up an LLC. It provides business name search and articles of organization (LLC) incorporation (corporation), then proceeds to submit the documents to the state government for the official formation of the clients new business. The company charges $99 for the service.

Standard package: 

MyCorporation standard package is charged at $124, and it offers services such as business name search, article of organization or incorporation, annual reports, minutes and waivers, and bylaws for its clients.

Deluxe package

The company charges clients $224 for this plan. This package includes all the services in the basic and standard package, plus a highly sought-after registered agent service for a year.

Premium package: 

This package is the maximum pricing level at MyCorporation. It continues to build on the previous plans with name availability search, registered agent service, annual reports, bylaws, minutes and waivers. It also adds the MaintainMyBiz service.

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Add-on services 

One of the appealing things about MyCorporation is the wide range of additional services it offers to its clients. A few of the add-on services of the company are highlighted below.

Trademark monitoring

MyCorporation doesn't only help clients' register a trademark; it also provides trademark monitoring. This is to ensure that no one infringes on its clients' intellectual rights. The company charges $450/year for this add-on service.

MyIncGuard package

This add-on service helps keep clients' businesses compliant through the issuance of scheduled reminders for updating or filing a government form. This package ensures that clients never miss a reporting or filing deadline. It charges $79 per year for the service.

Custom Logo Design

MyCorporation can help clients design their business logo at a more affordable rate than its competitors. The company's cheap online logo maker charges $39.99 for this service.

Registered agent services

The registered agents are responsible for receiving important documents on behalf of clients and then forwarding them. MyCorporation designates an RA to its clients and MyCorporation's address is listed on the formation of the document.  

The company's registered agent service is also available in all 50 states. It charges $120 per year for a registered agent but the first year is included in the Deluxe package. 

Ease of use

The reason for using an LLC service is to make the whole formation process easy and relatively straightforward. With some online services, the tasks might be a bit tedious. However, MyCorporation has simplified things.

The application form on the site is easy to fill out, and it's almost guaranteed that you’ll finish filling it out within 10 minutes.

You can choose an add-on service from the package selection screen before the application process. However, customers will come across a series of upsells right before the payment.

The additional services at the application stage are offered due to the choices made earlier in the registration wizard. The good things is that the price you’ll pay is shown on the screen in real-time so you’ll always know how much you’ll have to invest.

Pros and cons of MyCorporation


  • The company has been in business for many years and has helped over a million businesses.
  • The company's customer reviews are mostly positive
  • MyCorporation offers some financial services that are  
  • The company provides clients with ongoing support to maintain the business
  • Help clients with taxation elections
  • MyCorporation provides clients with ongoing customer support from professional representatives.


  • The company doesn't include a registered agent service unless clients opt for its upper-tier packages.

Customer support

MyCorporation has excellent customer support with highly professional and warm representatives. Many of the company's feedback reviews mention its excellent customer support. Its customer service is available from 7 a.m to 5 p.m; every weekday.

The company provides its customers support either through phone, email, or live chat. In most cases, the MyCorporation assigns each client with a representative to guide them step-by-step through the business formation process.

Also, MyCorporation covers a wide range of frequently asked questions and an online library. You don’t have to talk to a support rep unless you want to.

Alternative to the service

Several online incorporation services are available, however not all of these services will suit your business needs. In case, MyCorporation is not suitable for your company, highlighted below are other alternatives to the service.


ZenBusiness provides everything the clients need to set their businesses up and to function. The company's pricing is very affordable, and Its customer service is one of the best in the businesses.

It has a simplified and straightforward registration process that’s designed to save you a lot of time while forming your LLC. It also provides its clients with free registered agent services for a full year and a customizable operating agreement.

Northwest Registered Agent

The company is renowned for providing top-notch registered agent services and LLC formation for its clients'. It’s an older player in the game and has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of businesses get formed. 

It has a solid trackrecord and expertise that’ll steer you in the right direction while reducing your risks. Northwest Registered Agent provides its clients with a year of registered agent services, and it also takes utmost care in keeping the privacy of its customers. You can check out our full review here. 


MyCorporation has been in business for a long time - in comparison to other internet brands. In all of these years, the company has perfected its online incorporation services skills. 

Also, the company has garnered thousands of positive reviews from online third-party sites. Its services are easy and prompt and with very little to no glitches.

If you want an online incorporation service that is experienced, reliable, and has excellent customer support, you can opt for the services of MyCorporation.

However, the company might not be best for small business owners looking for the cheapest options. For instance, some of the company's competitors include a free year of registered agent services  with all their plans, while MyCorporation doesn't.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What's the most significant advantage and disadvantage of MyCorporation?

The most significant advantage of MyCorporation is the inclusion of its annual report service in all its packages except its cheapest package.

The company's most significant disadvantage is its costly shipping charge for mailing a few sheets of paper.

What is the refund policy of MyCorporation?

Although the company's refund policy isn't simple, the clients have a 60 day grace period to request a refund. It charges a $25 'reprocessing fee.'

Is MyCorporation a legit business formation provider? 

MyCorporation is a legit company; it has a 5-star rating on Google, with over a hundred reviews. It also has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot with over two hundred reviews. Although the company is not BBB accredited, however, it has an A+ rating on the site

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