LiveWebinar Review: A Webinar Platform that Packs a Punch

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There are many webinar platforms available on the market today. Each one of them provides something slightly different but they all promise to help you reach your goals. Whether that’s generating sales, connecting with your audience, or building your mailing list – it’s possible.

I’m a bit skeptical about the promises of brands. Call it common sense or experience so I want to put the claims of LiveWebinar to the test. In this LiveWebinar review, you’ll learn what the platform is, what it brings to the table, pricing, and everything in between.

Let’s dive in.

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Overview of LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar is an online conferencing and webinar tool designed to help you connect with your audience and drive revenue. It has an emphasis on putting you in the driver’s seat by making provisions for your branding, integrating with popular social media applications, and low latency viewing.

It’s one of the products from RTCLab and is a newer entrant to the webinar space. As such, features are still being developed as the brand gets feedback from its customers.

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Features and Functionality

LiveWebinar has a huge collection of solid features that’ll make it easier to host, join, and share your webinars. It doesn’t require a software download before people can join and is compatible with the common web browsers. It also looks good and works well on mobile devices which allows you to meet your audience where they are.

You can have small intimate meetings with people on your team, clients, or even friends. At the same time, you can host webinars with up to 1,000 participants. Manage votes, share documents within your presentation, customize it to match your brand, and much more.

CTA within presentations

One of the most important things, when you’re hosting a sales webinar, is the ability to direct people to the page where they can make a purchase. Many solutions only allow you to display the URL on the screen and people have to manually type it in. That can be a problem – especially on mobile.

LiveWebinar allows you to insert a CTA directly into the presentation which will help reduce drop-offs.

Surveys/polls/live chat

These are standard fare when it comes to webinar solutions so any tool that doesn’t have this option is lacking. LiveWebinar comes with a simple interface that allows you to poll your attendees and chat with them. Conversely, you can allow one of your teammates to moderate the chat while you focus on delivering the best presentation possible.

Live stream across multiple platforms

The tool gives you the option to broadcast your presentation across multiple social media platforms simultaneously. This is ideal if you’re more concerned with building your audience as opposed to generating leads or direct revenue. It’s compatible with Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Periscope. There’s also an option to set up a custom distribution platform. Note: this is an add-on and not part of the standard subscription plans.


A neat feature that you don’t see in many tools is the ability to use a whiteboard to annotate slides or documents you put on screen. This will aid in comprehension and allow your attendees to better follow what you’re saying or teaching.

Room splitting

Another unique feature LiveWebinar has that I’ve not seen in many other tools is splitting rooms. People may register for a single webinar but once inside, you can choose to break the room apart into smaller ones for more intimate conversations.

This is ideal when you have multiple people that can teach the topic or want to give personalized attention to each attendee. It’s also a great tool for remote teams to better collaborate with each other. It may not be ideal if you’re trying to sell a product to a cold audience.

Landing pages/registration forms

LiveWebinar refers to it as a landing page but it’s actually a registration form. There are a number of field input types available for you to choose from such as email, password, checkbox, custom text, and a few others. In addition to the registration form, there’s a lead form that appears to do the same thing. I’m not 100% sure about the difference between the two.

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When you’re building your form, there’s an option to integrate with your email marketing service by toggling the bottom. If you’ve not already set them up, it’ll direct you to the page where that can be done.

Add-ons and Integrations

One thing I’ll say about LiveWebinar is that it’s putting effort into building out an integrations ecosystem. In my ClickMeeting and Unbounce review, I was a little miffed about how they had few integrations and instead let a third party handle it.

LiveWebinar has more than a dozen native integrations with email marketing services such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, HubSpot, and many more. In addition to that, it has an integration with HeySummit.

While it does have an integration with Zapier to handle less popular integrations, I’m happy to see it has made an effort to build a number of direct integrations. That way you won’t be forced to take out another subscription just to route your data to the right place.

Ease of use

LiveWebinar does take some getting used to. There are many options I was looking for and couldn’t find. For example, I wasn’t able to find how to connect my social media accounts for live streaming. When I looked at the documentation, it walked me through the process but forgot to mention where in the software I could get to the interface I was being shown.

The webinar creation process is straightforward but you’re unable to set up a CTA from within the wizard. You have to click on the CTA menu option, create a CTA button, and then launch your webinar before it can be interacted with.

The final thing is that there’s only a limited amount of customization available. Yes, it states you can add your branding but I couldn’t figure it out by clicking around in the interface. Eventually, I had to reach out to the support team and they let me know that it was done after launching the webinar.

Plans & Pricing

LiveWebinar has multiple pricing plans which are divided based on usage limits and features. There’s a free trial and a free tier to use the platform before upgrading to a paid plan. The free tier has a limit of 5 attendees and is ideal for small teams or client interactions.


The Pro plan is the first paid plan and costs $14.99/m when paid monthly and $11.99/m when paid yearly. It supports up to 100 webinar attendees, allows you to store 6 hours of recordings, utilizes sub-accounts, screen sharing, and other basic features.


The business plan costs $119/m and $95.20/m when paid yearly. It supports up to 500 attendees and adds the ability to store 8 hours of recordings, track participants, and insert an ads banner.


The custom plan has individualized pricing so it’s not publicly listed on the website and supports up to 1,000 users. It has custom features peculiar to your needs and also supports live streaming services.

There’s a large jump from the entry-level tier to the middle tier but it’s similar to the price of other solutions on the market. It’s even cheaper than many of them.

Pros & Cons

LiveWebinar has a solid collection of features and positives but nothing is perfect so there are also cons. Let’s look at what those are.  


  • Free plan to use the tool indefinitely
  • A good number of native email marketing integrations
  • Tons of features for advanced and basic users
  • Analytics across multiple dimensions such as room, phone bridge, and event stats
  • Can launch an instant meeting to get down to business quickly


  • No basic email marketing features
  • It can be difficult to figure out the first time around
  • Customization options are limited unless you contact the team

Help & support

There are multiple options for help and support provided by LiveWebinar. First, you’re able to access a knowledge base that has documents for the most common issues you’ll face when using the tool. There are also FAQs which you can access to understand the terminology used in the application, how certain features work, and more.

There doesn’t seem to be a live chat feature, only an email address that can be used to contact them. In addition to that, the company maintains a blog that gives you tips and tricks around making the most of your webinar.

LiveWebinar Review verdict

LiveWebinar is a newer platform that seeks to make webinars accessible for a larger number of people without breaking the bank. In that regard, it has succeeded. You can get started for as little as $14.99/m.

It comes with a wide range of features that make it possible to run successful presentations like a whiteboard, breaking an event into smaller rooms, live streaming on other platforms, surveys and polls, etc. Unfortunately, it only has email support so you won’t be able to contact someone in real-time if there’s a technical issue.

It’s a tool that takes some getting used to but if you can get over the initial learning curve then you’ll have a solid webinar platform on your hands. I hope this LiveWebinar review was useful and I encourage you to start a free trial, take it for a spin, and decide for yourself if you like it.

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