Ingramer Review: Features, Pricing, and is it Safe to Use in 2024

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Update (July 2021)

Ingramer has now rebranded to Inflact. The follow review still holds, as the underlying software is exactly the same. 


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If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following base on a limited budget, you’ve probably stumbled across an Instagram strategy along the lines of follow and unfollow, automated liking and commenting. 

It’s definitely not a conventional strategy that most experts out there rave about. 

More so, those who practice this, usually keep it on the down-low. 

That said, if the other strategy will cost you thousands of ad spend to promote your new page, then this opens the door to guerilla strategies like this. 

What is Ingramer?

Ingramer bills itself as an Instagram promotion service for growth. It also claims to provide free likes along with its other services.

Its main concept of growth is based on automating your marketing in an effort to scale your business on Instagram, but is that what it does, or is there something else behind the mask?

Right off the bat, I noticed something wrong. “In gram er” is using “gram” in the name. We discussed that above and how that is a violation of Instagram’s copyright. That is a legal issue that makes this company a target to the social platform.

Nevertheless, let’s discuss the features and other factors of Ingramer.

What are Ingramer’s main features?

Ingramer claims to provide auto likes, auto follow/unfollow, comments, direct messages, scheduled posting, and other Instagram tools. The process is to sign up, add your Instagram account to connect your profile to Ingramer’s service, set up your new campaign, then watch your Instagram grow. It claims it's that simple. Setting your new campaign involves targeting your audience, setting daily activity limits, and enabling various filters. Ingramer is cloud-based, so you can manage and adjust your account settings and see your activity on any device. 

Hashtag Generator

Hashtags can be a pain to find and utilize properly. New ones are popup up every day and, if you do it right, you can catch the wave of a trend right when it starts.

The Ingramer hashtag generator makes it easier to find the right hashtags to use in all of your upcoming posts. Just start with a few seed keywords and it’ll pop out multiple suggestions. Use the ones in line with your content and watch as your views and likes rise.

Auto Like

This is one of the most common features of Instagram bots and for good reason. Liking other’s posts, especially when they’re smaller accounts, will give them a notification. Oftentimes, they’ll come and check your page out.

The key with this strategy is to interact with relevant accounts. Ingramer gives you a number of options you can use to like hashtags, location, and even usernames.

Ingramer hashtag generator

Auto Follow

Auto follow is even more effective at getting the attention of people with relatively small accounts on Instagram. They’ll check their notifications, see who followed them, and possibly view your account. If you’ve got great content then your followers will go up.

Like with the auto like features, you’re able to target users based on the hashtags, follower count, usernames, location, and more. This will help you build a targeted group of followers who are interested in your products.  

Trending hashtags

An interesting to that Ingramer has built helps you find trending hashtags in your niche. It’s different from the hashtag generator because it’s not helping you create new hashtags. Rather, it shows you what other people are using for their posts so you can emulate that and reach more people.

Smart unfollow

Instead of just mass unfollowing people after Ingramer has followed them. You can take a more sophisticated approach by choosing the kind of accounts you want to unfollow. If they meet the criteria you set then Ingramer will unfollow them.  

Clear stats

Whenever you’re doing anything with a growth tool, the analytics are among the most important aspect to consider. You’ll want to know what’s working, what isn’t, and the tweaks that need to be made in order to grow your accounts even faster.

You can see the activities that were performed on your behalf as well as stats like followers, likes, etc. that were generated.

Add-ons and integrations

Ingramer is a self contained tool, so there's no need to get a connector or integrate it with anything else, other than your Instagram account. It does have add-ons. Instead of bundling everything together, Ingramer has broken out some of the key features and made them available as add-ons. Pricing varies depending on which one you choose.

Instagram post scheduler

The Instagram post scheduler lets you plan your entire upload schedule as far out as you’d like. You can upload media, add a description, and even input the location you’d like attached to the image. After that, it’s just a matter of hitting schedule and your feed will be regularly populated with your content.

If you’re active on Instagram or manage multiple accounts, it can save you hours every month.

Direct messages

DMs on Instagram can be incredibly effective if used right. Most people don’t use them properly and send out generic messages.

Ingramer gives you the ability to send new followers or all of your followers messages, or auto reply them. This tool becomes powerful when you manage multiple active accounts. It’ll make sure none of your messages fall through the cracks.

Ease of use

Just like any software out there, you need to learn the interface. That said, Ingramer has a very well designed user interface, giving you the ability for a seamless experience from the moment you sign up to running your bot. If you can work your way around Instagram, you can work you way around Ingramer. 



Ingramer doesn’t have a free trial, unfortunately, but you can still test them out on a small budget (anything is small compared to what you’ll need to pay for Instagram ads). 

They also allow for the following modules as per your request during your order. You can automate one to ten accounts.


  • Basic – Automatically likes, follows, and unfollows
  • Scheduled Posting – Automatically posts your content for you according to your schedule
  • Direct Messages – Send bulk DMs to your target audience
  • Comment Tracker – This feature lets you keep up with all comments in your feed

For the most popular follow and unfollow package, prices start at $37 for 2 weeks and $57 for 1 month, at a 22% off discount. If you are looking to purchase it for a longer period, it is $144 for 3 months, at a 35% off discount. 

Now to put things into perspective, if you were to pay for Instagram ads, minimum adspend is $5 a day, which is around $150 a month, and $450 for 3 months. 

And guess what, $5 a day will reach BARELY anybody.

But with Ingramer's bot running, you can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people, as your bot can be interacting with accounts 24/7. 

As a much cheaper alternative to Instagram ads, it really puts into perspective how much value this software brings to the table, relative to its cost. 

Is Ingramer safe?

Now we get into the depths of how this company works. As with any third-party Instagram growth company, there are pros and cons.


  • The website is https secure
  • Packages and pricing are visible
  • Verified payment gateways
  • Email contact information available


  • Onsite user reviews look fake (I could be wrong)
  • It claims to have 24/7 customer support, but I found no signs of that
  • It uses Instagram bots
  • It's in violation of Instagram‘s terms of service
  • It has no significant FAQ or help page

As far as acount saftey, it's hit and miss. Many people people have complained that Ingramer has gotten their account banned. Others have used it sccessfully for extended periods of time. 

The truth is that Instagram is cracking down and the risk to your accounts is getting larger every day - even when you're not using bots. Normal activity can result in an action block so when using a bot like this, you're increasing your risk by an order of magnitude. 

Final thoughts on Ingramer review

Ingramer, like many other Instagram botting companies, does what it says. At the end of the day, it is a software that’s banned from Instagram, so I would never ever use it on a client’s account or a work account. However, for personal projects, definitely give this software a try. Build up the first few followers organically and have at least 20 posts in your account before you start using it. 

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