Inflact Review 2024: Features, Pricing, and is it Safe to Use?

inflact review

Inflact is one of the most popular Instagram bots available. They offer a range of marketing tools from building a target audience, engaging with clients, and planning content. If you’re trying to grow an account on Instagram, there really is only just two ways, paying Instagram for advertising, which can be quite expensive, if you’re a small business and don’t have an extra $1000 a month to spend on ads, or influencer marketing, which is way more than $1000. 

That leaves you with just underground marketing tools like this, where you can leverage automation to grow the account around the clock. In this Inflact review, we dive into see what makes Inflact so popular and if it’s worthwhile for you to use it. 

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Features & Functionality

Follow & Unfollow

Follow and unfollow is one of the most in demand features of this tool. If you’ve used Instagram before, you would’ve come across accounts that follow you and unfollow you the next day. You might find this strange, but it’s one of the most effective ways to get your account in front of your target followers. You have a range of targeting options, as you can set the bot to follow and unfollow people that follow similar accounts as yours, or people that have liked a photo with a certain hashtag or even people in a set location. 

Direct Messaging

This function allows you to automate direct messages on your Instagram account. You can set the feature to auto DM those who have just followed your account or bulk DM all your followers. You can even DM people who don’t follow you, but this isn’t recommended as your message will just go to the spam folder. Some people may think this is spammy, but there’s always a classy way and a spammy way to do this. If someone just followed your account, and you message them to buy your products right away, then maybe that’s a bit too much, but you can always set the message to ask them if they need any assistance etc, in a soft sales way. 

Scheduled Stories & Gallery Posting

This feature is actually quite useful and surprisingly rare. Instagram post scheduling tools are a dime in a dozen, but not all of them can schedule stores or carousel posts. Inflact can, and has all options in one platform.  

Hashtag Generation

Have you ever seen that massive list of hashtags people use on their posts to get more reach? But when you post it, your brain freezes after thinking of the first 3? Inflact’s hashtag generator can create a list of hashtags for you in no time. 

Auto Reactions

Want to engage with other accounts but think following and unfollowing them is a bit overused? Auto Reactions can help automate your account to engage with targeted posts, whether it’s liking their post, reacting to their stories, you can set the bot to engage with posts around the clock. 

Ease of Use

One of the reasons why Inflact is one of the most popular Instagram bots available is because of its well-designed UX. It’s incredibly straightforward to get started. Simply put your account   in to get started, and it will prompt you to the sign-up page, where you can see the options and pricing for all the available packages. 

Once you’ve chosen the package for you, the software guides you on how to input the accounts you want the bot to engage with, and there you go. You have a staff member working on your Instagram account for you around the clock. 

Plans & Pricing

Another reason to get Inflact is the fact that they don’t make you pay for what you don’t need. So often, I see software companies creating these massive bundles, charging customers a bunch of money, and the customer ends up using only a small fraction of the tools given to them. 

Inflact lets you create your own plan, and select the features you need, whether it’s follow or unfollowing accounts to direct messaging accounts, choose what you need and pay only for that. 

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing  
  • Adjustable packages
  • Ability to schedule stories and carousel posts 


  • Over botting your account has risks 
  • Not recommended for newly opened accounts with no content

Is Inflact safe? 

The truth is, no botting software out there is 100% safe. Inflact does warn you to not overuse the automation features and to avoid using a bot on a new account, to prevent it from getting flagged, but there are still risks. However, if you do need to grow an account, and paying for influencer marketing or paid ads is out of your budget, leveraging bots is your next best option. 

When should you use an Instagram bot? 

You should only use an Instagram bot if you need to grow your own account. If you’re a freelancer or a marketing agency running a client account, stay away from bots! No amount of growth is work exposing your client account to the potential risks of getting their account flagged or worst, banned. If you are looking to grow your own page to become an influencer account, then by all means, sign up to Inflact. 

Why is follow and unfollow a good strategy? 

Follow and unfollowing is one of the best Instagram growth strategies because it’s incredibly affordable compared to the other ways of growing an account, mainly through influencer posts or running paid ads, which both can go into the thousands of dollars a month.

Final thoughts

To wrap things up, I highly recommend Inflact if you’re looking to get a bot for your Instagram. It’s easy to use, affordable and had additional features that make it better than many of the other bots out in the market.

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