How to Hire a Digital Marketing Specialist

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Digital marketers can make or break your business. The role is very dynamic and requires a creative multi-tasker with extensive marketing knowledge. There are many self-proclaimed marketers and you might struggle to find the right fit. Choose a specialist with a solid professional background, great references, and an impressive online presence. Watch out for inexperienced applicants or outdated tactics.

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The skills of a great digital marketer

Digital marketers are multi-skilled professionals with broad general culture and multiple interests. There are full-stack marketers and digital marketing experts who operate in specific fields. Pick a candidate with the right resume skills & template that resonate to the specifics and requirements of your position.

Here is what to look for:

Logic & analytics

The right candidate will tailor a digital resume to match the company and position at hand. Analytical thinking is essential for every digital marketer, but it takes a pro to see beyond the numbers. Specialists handle Google Analytics and social media dashboards with ease. They detect the right numbers and decipher them to improve the key performance indicators. 

The position requires working with spreadsheets, storing, and analyzing vast amounts of data. Choose a candidate with proven knowledge, analytical know-how, and a drive for trying new tools. 

Persuasive writing

A great digital marketing expert understands conversational copywriting and constantly builds a solid copywriting background. The role requires writing captions for social media posts, SEO-optimized content, advertisements, brochures, etc. 

The ability to create exceptional content makes your brand stand out. You want words that sell, engage, and persuade. Hire a marketer with strong writing qualifications to boost your marketing performance. 

SEO experience

Ensure that your digital marketing specialist has at least basic SEO competency. Digital marketers increase the online visibility of a business/product. SEO is a method that helps increase web traffic and boost rankings. 

Look for these SEO related skills and tools in the resumes of candidates:

  • Keyword research;
  • Content management;
  • Off-page SEO;
  • On-page SEO;
  • Moz;
  • Ahrefs;
  • Majestic;
  • Google Analytics and Search Console.

Powerful emails

Hire a marketer with a proven track record in email marketing. It’s a challenge to send emails that actually get clicks. The best digital marketing experts send emails that convert prospects into clients. They create newsletters, autoresponders, and set up campaigns. Digital marketers also analyze email metrics and segment their targeted groups.  

Effective communication

Digital marketing specialists are the voice of your business. They present your core values, products, services, and ideas to the worldwide web. Effective communication is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy. Hire a marketer who is a strong communicator and powerful persuader. The position also requires negotiating skills and collaborating with fellow marketers, business owners, influencers, contractors, etc.

How to hire a digital marketer

Do you have a pile of resumes and you doubt who is the right fit for you? 

Follow the steps listed below and take a business-oriented decision. Hire a digital marketing professional worthy of your time and efforts. 

Google research

Every reputable digital marketer should have a record of his online presence. Google the names of all shortlisted candidates and check their credentials. 

  • Look for blog posts, portfolios, websites, publications, social media pages.
  • Compare the results and highlight the content that attracts your attention.
  • Check if their past work experience is relevant to your job requirements.
  • Skim the best picks.

Check out their social media profiles

Social media and digital marketing have a close connection. Every self-respecting digital marketer should have a strong social media presence. 

  • Research his or hers LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles of your applicants. 
  • Check what they post, how often they post, and how many followers they have. 
  • Check if you have mutual connections. Ask for feedback on their experience with your applicant. 

Ask for testimonials 

Reviews and testimonials play a vital role in the digital marketing world. Check if your applicants have public feedback. Facebook pages and LinkedIn reviews are a great source for such information. Don’t read only the positives, constructive or negative feedback also tells a lot about the marketer. 

If you are in doubt about a certain opinion, reach out to the poster and ask them for more details. Get several opinions and compare the pros and cons of each candidate. 

Find out their vision, mission, and values

Every marketer has a unique approach and vision. Ensure that they align with your own company values, policies, and ethics. 

Don’t hire someone who goes against the rules. Test your candidates. Ask them to write a brief summary of how they plan to develop your digital marketing strategy. See what tools and tactics they use. Check if they can segment and target an audience related to your core business. 

Conduct a few high-value interviews

Perform skill tests with shortlisted candidates. Send the same assignment to everyone so you can compare their results and end products. 

For example, ask them to choose an image and write a caption for your next Facebook post, write an SEO optimized product description for an e-commerce website, or measure the conversion rate of an Instagram post. Prepare a short quiz with industry-related questions or inter-personal evaluation. 

Such tests give you an insight not only into the candidates’ work approach but also into their personality and creativity. 

Discuss the test results during the interview. Get to know your applicants and let them talk about past practices and future ambitions. See if you share the same cultural values and work ethics. Observe the body language and ask open-ended questions. Digital marketing is a fast-paced, challenging field and you need a marketer who is ready to face the challenge. 


Follow the steps listed above to hire the most suitable marketer for your business. Prepare to meet strong candidates with interesting personalities as you go along. Ask for credentials, testimonials, vision, and values. 

Research. Compare. Evaluate. Communicate.   

If results align with your own vision, mission, and values, congratulations! You found your new digital marketing expert. 

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