10 Hobbies That Make Money Fast in 2024

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One of the best things I learnt in high school was the love of making money. 

No, please don’t think of me as a Scrooge McDuck and I spent my youth counting dollar bills. 

Let me explain. 

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our comparisons and recommendations. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

In highschool, one of the favourite things to do was to sell items on eBay.

I would essentially buy items for bulk from China and resell them locally here in Australia.

Everything from gaming keyrings to mini samurai sword sets. 

Sure, it didn’t make a butt load of money, but once I had everything set up, not only did it make money fast, it made money “when I slept”. 

From that point onwards, I had a knack for buying and selling items and looking for that arbitrage to make. 

Later on, I dove into more ventures, from selling products to services, I was able to somewhat turn my hobbies into money. 

In this list today,  I’m going to go through examples of hobbies that you can take up and how you can turn it into a money. 

Academic Tutoring 

After graduating with relatively good marks in highschool, tutoring was one of the early sources of income I made for myself. Not that my hobby was “studying” - but if you have good marks, why not market it? 

Simply put up a job ad on your local business directory with your marks and what you can teach and wait for students to call up. You can get paid per lesson, so the moment you have a student, you will start making money. 

Sports Coaching

Now what happens if you aren’t good at studying? Well, if you’re somewhat good at sports, then a very simple way you can monetise your hobby is by coaching. 

You can either do one on one lessons. or coach a team at the local after school competition. 

Noticed how I said ‘somewhat’ good at sports? 

It’s because I believe that in coaching, you don’t need to be world class to teach. The skill to teach comes in your ability to explain and breakdown knowledge to others, even if you’re only a bit better than others. 

Of course, if you’re really talented, then that helps with getting students, but at the end of the way, put an ad up, reach out to local parents to offer your service and you will be making money in no time. 

Graphic Design 

Do you like to play around on Photoshop in your spare time? 

Do you like to cut out your friend’s heads and paste it onto ducks? 

If you know your way around Photoshop, then you have one essential skill that yearning to be mastered. 

The art of graphic design. 

Get started by posting on local facebook business groups or your local business directory offering the service. Start off with simple logo designs first and then move onto catalogues, brochures and business cards too. 

Video Gaming Streaming 

If I mentioned this 10 years ago, you probably would’ve said I was crazy and left the page. However, it’s not secret these days that streaming your games live can earn you big bucks, especially if you’re awesome at commentating and cultivating a crowd live online. 

Simply upload your content on Twitch or Youtube to get started. 

People have been known to start making money early on, so live streaming is definitely a way to make money. 


Now I wouldn’t exactly call this method a fast making money method, but I had to include it in once I mentioned the point above. The world of e-sports is a mutlibillion dollar industry, and has ever so increased since everyone has been holed up in their house during the pandemic. 

If you’re good enough, competitions pay out millions of dollars in prizes. 

So if you’re serious about gaming, this is a channel open to you. 

Cooking (home kitchens) 

Depending on where abouts in the world you’re reading this from, home kitchens can either be a term that’s forign to you and you’ll freak out when I explain what it is - or you’re well aware of the delicious foods that can come from a home kitchen. 

So, home kitchens are basically people that cook food at their home and sell it. I’ve seen everything on sale, from desserts to a full roasted pig on a spit. 

The most popular channels to promote your foot is Facebook marketplace, where mouth watering viewers will reach out to you on the price and how they can collect it. 

Self Publishing Books

If you love writing, then publishing your own books is not only a simple way to make money passively, but a great way to build up industry recognition for your career. If you enjoy fitness - turn your lifestyle and fitness routines in a book. 

Not all books have to be hundreds of pages long - some can be just 20 short pages, and you can make good money from them too. 

The secret to book publishing is by taking a strategic approach when you decide what book to write. 

Most beginners will randomly think of a topic and proceed with writing a book - without the intention of knowing if it’s actually a going to be a good selling book or not. 

My recommended approach is to use a too like Merchant Words to help you with your keyword research to find out the search traffic of that particular niche or title. 

That way, your books won’t be a shot in the dark, but a strategic approach to making money. 

Ghost Writing

If you love writing, then ghost writing is another popular way for writers to make money. As you can guess by the name, ghost writing is when you’re writing blogs or books for someone else to be published under their name.

You can sign up for freelance platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork and bid for jobs there too. 

It sure is a way to make money fast, but keep in mind, even though writing is your hobby, if you want it to stay your hobby, majke sure you take up jobs that you have a personal interest in. 

There’s nothing worse than having a passion for fashion writing but only to take up jobs in writing for the next best jackhammer (trust me, the niches and rabbit holes are endless). 


Now it’s quite a stretch to say some’s hobby is cleaning. However, I’m sure you can think of someone that is a clean freak and if needed, they would be great at organising things around a place, especially if they get compensated for it. 

There are many services within ‘cleaning’ that you can offer, from simply organising someone’s house or wardrobe to or specific tasks such as commercial cleaning. 

Simply list your services up on an online marketplace and see if anyone is interested! 

Pet Care

Now this service is part of a billion dollar industry. But there’s no reason why if you love pets yourself, you can’t take a piece of that pie. If you join community groups or local facebook pages, you may see opportunities to take people’s pets for walks or even take care of them whilst their on holidays. 

The opportunity to make money is ripe in this space, but personal note, you need to love pets to enjoy this job. 

Pet carers can charge upwards of $100 a day, and a happy (and deep pocket) customers will always be happy to leave their pets in safe hands. 

What Hobbies Make The Most Money? 

The real answer is, anything. The amount of money you will make will somewhat play into where abouts you’re offering your service and what type of people are you targeting. Now, be smart, if you know you don’t live in a neighbourhood with deep pockets, there’s nothing stopping you from joining the ‘wealthy’ suburb’s community group and promote your service. 

On top of that, good money does not come early on. Take your service offerings professionally and give the best service you can possibly offer. On top of that, after the first job, if they don’t come back to you, take action and reach out to them to see you can  be of service again. 

Ongoing clients or jobs is what brings in the money. 

Final Thoughts

To round it up, if you’ve read though this whole list, you’re probably thinking about what you can offer to make some money. Well, the ideas are here, so make the first step quick and go make some money. 

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