16+ Highly-Paid Remote Jobs and How to Get One in 2023

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Remote work has been on the rise throughout the 21st century, and even more so over the last ten years, but 2021 just might be the tipping point at which a majority of people are employed, to some degree, remotely. If you are looking to take your skills and job search remote in 2021, below are 16+ highly-paid remote jobs and how you can land yourself one this year.

Certified Associate in Project Management

Certified Associates in Project Management are accredited by the prestigious Project Management Institute and are equipped with the skills to plan, budget and execute projects across industries. CAPMs typically earn 90,000 dollars or more for their services. Getting a CAPM job requires you to successfully pass the exam and meet the experience requirements.

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Software Engineer

Software engineers will increasingly be in high demand as the economy continues to automate and go digital. Average salaries for remote software engineers start at around $92,000 dollars and increase based on expertise and experience. Applying to jobs via Linkedin with a well-curated portfolio of work is the best way to go about finding remote software engineering gigs.


The pandemic had a large impact on the growth of telehealth and medicine, which has provided an increasing number of healthcare professionals, and especially doctors, with access to remote working opportunities. Telemedicine physicians regularly make over $200,000 per year doing remote consultations from their home or office. Reaching out to one of the top telemedicine companies with your credentials and experience is your best bet.


Like doctors, legal advice is highly specialized and requires many years of education and experience to be able to give. It, therefore, commands a lot of money. Virtual attorney jobs easily pay over $100,000 per year (and up), depending on your specialization. You might try searching the top legal employment websites for virtual opportunities and postings.

Data Analyst

A good remote data analyst easily pulls in $62,000 or more a year. Data analyst work is in high demand across many different industries as companies seek to leverage the power of big data and AI to improve business processes. Data analysts often have degrees in statistical analysis and have worked entry-level data analysis jobs prior to trying to ply their skills online.


Psychiatry is another healthcare professional that has increasingly moved online in recent years as part of the broader telemedicine trend. Psychiatry is a medical specialization, which means it also commands a lot of money online. Average remote psychiatry salaries range between $165,000 to $250,000 dollars for conducting remote sessions. With the pandemic having thoroughly disrupted mental health services in most countries, virtual therapy is in-demand and psychiatrists and psychologists should be looking for job postings on the popular telehealth job boards.

Business Analyst

Remote business analysts earn an average of $90,000 per year. Business analysts provide in-depth breakdowns of overall business functioning and look for opportunities and weaknesses in a business’ strategy and operations. Remote BAs often have finance or commerce degrees, work experience and even advanced certificates.

Management Consultant

Salaries for a management consultant fresh out of college usually start at around $80,000 and go up from there. Remote management consultant work is difficult to get because so many high-level and highly-experienced executives transition into it once they leave their industries, so competition is high. The best way to get remote management consulting work in 2021 is to leverage previous industry experience or exploit connections.

Day Trader

Average day traders working remote earn around $80,000 per year, but earnings are heavily dependent on skill, timing and general market conditions. Many day traders already have industry experience trading securities, and they leverage that to do it for themselves from home. In order to make a success of day trading, in addition to the experience and understanding, you would also need to invest in the software and platforms required to trade.

Cybersecurity Instructor

Cybersecurity is one of the hot-button issues of the day, and for good reason. Cybercrime and particularly ransomware attacks have been growing in recent years, in tandem with digitization. A remote cybersecurity instructor teaches companies and organizations how to protect their data and bottom-line, and can make anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000 a year doing so. A cybersecurity designation and application to cybersecurity or remote IT job postings is the best way to go about applying for these positions.

Certified Translator

A certified translator can work entirely from home and, depending on the languages and kinds of documents in question, can make over $60 per hour. Becoming a certified translator requires going through an accreditation process and applying through the agencies and freelance translation sites that are out there. Or, you can create your own website.

Video Editor

If you are skilled in video editing software, your talents can command a lot of money. Freelance video editors are some of the highest-paid freelance workers out there and can make anywhere from $26-$50 per hour working entirely remotely. Creating a portfolio and advertising your skills and experience on the popular freelancing sites is a good way to go about finding a remote video editing position.

PR Manager

PR Managers are responsible for handling all aspects of their clients’ public image and communications and for their efforts they are well-rewarded. A remote PR manager can make upwards of $50,000 working from home. A bachelor’s degree in English, Communication and/or Public Relations is the major prerequisite for this line of work.

An MBA in public relations brings even more depth to the role, and companies are willing to spend a substantial amount of money on candidates who come equipped with the kind of acumen one would gain in a graduate-level PR program. This is because of the tremendous influence PR has on company reputation, goodwill and, ultimately, profitability. 

Book Editor

If you are an experienced editor with a number of successful publications to your name, you can charge clients $25 per hour or more to edit their fiction and non-fiction works. If the writing is technical or academic, you can charge even more. Book editors can either use popular freelancer sites to find clients, can be employed by a large publisher, or they can create their own website and advertise their services there.


Education has gone remote and it will likely remain that way, at least in large part, for some time to come. The opportunities for educators, and particularly university professors, to work from home and teach remotely have never been greater. Remote adjunct faculty make anywhere from $41,500 to $93,500 per year, depending on institution and specialization.

Voice Actor

Voice acting work can be hard to get, but if you do manage it, expect to be able to earn, on average, $90,000 a year. To work as a remote voice actor you are going to need to invest in some fairly expensive hardware, as well as network like your life depends on it.

Infographic Designer

Infographic designers are people who leverage their graphic design skills to turn data and written information into multimedia and graphic representations. Infographic designers can earn upwards of $85,000 a year. Big job aggregators and freelance forums are the best places to begin your infographic designer job search in 2021.


Working remotely, if you have a viable and in-demand skill to trade, can earn you just as much if not more than you could expect to make selling your skills in the traditional labour market. Keep the above 16+ highly-paid remote jobs in mind and use them as inspiration and motivation to make the transition to gainful remote employment in 2021.

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