Gramblr Review and Alternatives for 2023

Gramblr Review

Instagram is a social media application that needs no introduction. Well over a billion people use it for work and play.

This is a positive and a negative at the same time. It’s positive because you can reach millions of people and it’s negative because there are countless competitors.

The simple solution is to consistently upload content that appeals to your target audience and achieve influencer status. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Gramblr is a desktop Instagram scheduler tool that’s free to use. It allows you to schedule and upload your content directly from your computer.

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This simple process can save you hours a week and help you grow your Instagram presence even faster. In this Gramblr review, we’ll look at what it brings to the table and also share Gramblr alternatives for you to consider.

Note: Gramblr has been having issues and it appears that it’s no longer being actively developed. We’ll leave this review here for posterity but we’ll start with Gramblr alternatives if you’re in a rush.

Gramblr alternatives

These Gramblr alternatives will make it simple for you to schedule your entire Instagram presence and make the most of your time. Each one has its nuances so be sure to check them out thoroughly before starting a subscription.

Ingramer (Now Inflact)

Ingramer homepage

Ingramer is a popular Instagram marketing platform that helps you schedule posts and so much more. You’re able to set up content to go out weeks or even months in advance, generate hashtags, use a smart Instagram bot to grow your following, and even handle direct messages from within the application.

Ingramer works through a modular system. That means you can mix and match modules together to get the features you actually care about. For example, if you just need the scheduler but not the Instagram bot then you can choose to remove the bot from your plan.

One thing to keep in mind is that it does have plans that are a bit more expensive than competitors but it brings a lot to the table. It’s definitely worth taking a closer look at. You can read the full review here.


Jarvee app

Jarvee is a popular Instagram marketing tool that also caters to other social media platforms. For Instagram, it allows you to schedule posts, browse the app, and use a bot to perform actions on your behalf. These actions include reposting, following, liking, commenting, etc. Taken together, it helps you grow your Instagram presence faster.

It’s a desktop application so unless you’re using a computer that’s always on or a virtual server that can be used to run the program, it won’t run all day. If those hurdles are minor to you then it’s a solid Gramblr alternative.


Combin is a combination Instagram growth tool and scheduler that you can take advantage of. The aspects of the app are divided into modules with the scheduling aspect being 100% free forever. You can manage up to 15 Instagram accounts, it supports reposting, and you can even do bulk image upload and prepare them for weeks at a time.

The growth features start with a free plan then can go as high as $30/m. It helps you perform actions to increase the number of real followers your account gathers.


Flume is a simple application that has one core function – it enables you to schedule Instagram posts directly from your Mac. It’s free to get started and inexpensive to upgrade and unlock all the features.

It allows you to recreate the Instagram feed so you can plan your posts over time. It also allows you to interact with Instagram as if you’re in the application itself. This includes browsing photos/videos, searching, commenting, and liking photos.

Now that you’re familiar with the top Gramblr alternatives, let’s dive into a quick Gramblr review so you can better understand what it brings to the table.

Gramblr key features

Image editing

Gramblr allows you to do basic image editing similar to the built-in tools you’ll find on a smartphone. It includes but isn’t limited to red-eye remover, certain types of filters, and frames around the image. It’s ideal for images that need a quick touch-up before posting on Instagram.


In addition to the basic image editor, you’re able to apply a range of filters to your content. Think of these as preset editing settings to give your images a consistent feel or change the normal look of your content.

Autolikes/buy likes

You’re able to buy likes from other users on the platform so your engagement is from real people. You can also earn points or coins when you like other people’s content and use those to get more engagement on your posts.

This effect is designed to push your content to a wider range of people so Instagram may eventually add your post to the discover page. That alone can help you get explosive follower growth.

Post scheduling

Of course, you’re able to schedule posts to your Instagram account days, weeks, or even months in advance. You can bulk upload images and set the day they’re meant to go out for maximum impact. How do you know when to post? Based on your Instagram analytics but this is only available to business accounts so if you’ve not done so already be sure to upgrade.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s straightforward to understand and master. A new user will be able to figure it out after a few hours.
  • Time saver. The scheduling options make it simple to take back your time and prevent you from spending all your waking moments on Instagram.
  • It’s a free-to-use application
  • There’s a strong support team if you run into issues


  • You can only upload a single photo at a time so it’s important to plan accordingly.
  • It doesn’t support portrait photos so if that’s the kind of image you work with this app isn’t a good fit

Ease of use

Gramblr is a straightforward application. The layout is, for lack of a better word, basic. That’s a good thing for people who aren’t overly technical. The menu options are clearly labeled so you can get in and get out within a few minutes. All things considered, you should be able to master it in a few hours.


Gramblr is a solid tool for Instagram scheduling. You’ll be able to set up your posts for weeks in advance and free up your time. It also allows you to like other people’s posts to earn coins which can be used to get more engagement on your own content. If you don’t have time to like other’s posts, you can choose to buy coins.

While it’s a solid scheduling tool, it needs many more features to become a fully-fledged Instagram marketing app. If that’s not what you’re after then Gramblr is a great choice. 

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