Gold Nitro Review & Alternatives After Shutting Down

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Many moons ago, Gold Nitro was an Instagram growth & automation service that, like many others, promised to help you grow your organic followers fast.

There are many Instagram bots on the market and they offer similar services with varying degrees of efficacy. They’ll allow you to like, comment, follow, and unfollow accounts. The premise is that this will help you gain the attention of your target audience and grow your account.

Does the strategy work? Yes.

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Did Gold Nitro do it well? That’s a question that’s difficult to answer. Many Gold Nitro reviews have stated that they feel the service is fake.

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Instead of giving you real followers, it seems they’ve created a network of bot accounts. As long as you’re paying for the service, they’ll keep sending those accounts your way. When you stop, the growth stops as well. Not to mention the followers you supposedly gained start to drop off.

It seems like the service was destined to fail. Today, I’ll share Gold Nitro alternatives you can take advantage of to grow your Instagram account.

Best Gold Nitro alternatives

All of the Gold Nitro alternatives here work in a similar way and are still effective at what they do. They’ll help you double or triple your rate of organic growth. Of course, you still need exceptional content if you want this strategy to work for you.

Ingramer (Now Inflact)

Ingramer is one of the most popular Instagram automation tools on the market. It has the features you’d expect in a tool like this such as follow, unfollow, and even scheduling posts. It also has multiple add-on features that can further accelerate your growth rates such as automated likes and automated direct posts.

The pricing is modular so you only pay for the features you’re interested in. This can, at times save you money but if you need everything then it ends up being more expensive. Read the full Ingramer review here


Instazood is another solid option when you’re looking for a Gold Nitro alternative. It’s an Instagram bot but also a TikTok automation tool which will allow you to grow on both platforms simultaneously. Similar to Ingramer, it has modular pricing that allows you to pick and choose only the features you’re interested in.

Instazood has the same features as Ingramer as well as a few more. It can track comments for you and also has an Instagram search function. If you’re trying to grow your presence on both Instagram and TikTok then I’d recommend this tool.

On a side note, TikTok is one of the largest apps in the world right now and growth is largely unregulated unlike with Instagram. If you had to choose between the two platforms, TikTok would be a better option. Read the full Instazood Review here


Next on the list is Kicksta. It doesn’t have nearly as many functions as the other platforms but it’s still a solid contender because it does what it’s supposed to do well. That is, it lets you follow and unfollow people to improve your organic growth.

This tool is ideal for you if you don’t want to muck around with all the “value-adding” features many Instagram bots come with. One of the reasons I like this app is the simple user interface. You can sign up and get started within a few minutes. Things aren’t hidden behind multiple screens that are trying to get you to buy more or use more of the app.

Even though it has fewer features, Kicksta is one of the more expensive options on this list. I assume this is due to the fact that it spends more resources making sure the application works. Read our full Kicksta Review here


Instamber is a newer entrant to the Instagram bot scene but it has been making a name for itself. It combines Instagram and TikTok features into one app which means you get to grow on both platforms simultaneously.

It’s a bit different from other tools because it allows you to also buy likes, followers, views, and comments. I’d recommend staying away from buying followers because they won’t engage with your page. Lack of engagement sends the wrong signals to Instagram.

You can schedule posts, manage comments, and send automated Instagram DMs to new followers. Instamber is much cheaper than the other tools on this list with the smallest plan starting at just $10/m.  

Social Captain

Social captain isn’t as popular as most of the tools on this list but it still packs a punch when it comes to Instagram growth. According to the team, it utilizes artificial intelligence to provide a better experience and faster growth for its customers. It goes on to say it’s 150x more effective than manual growth strategies.

I can’t confirm or deny that claim because I didn’t use it long enough but 8,000 customers can’t be wrong – right? The trial period is a bit short, just 24 hours, so just plan on paying $39/m to test it out fully.


Upleap is the last growth service on our list and it takes a slightly different approach. It pairs you with an account manager who does everything related to your Instagram growth. All you have to do is answer a few questions and they’ll take care of the rest for you.  

There are mixed feelings about Upleap, which is common with Instagram bots. Some people say they’ve gotten exceptional results and others say they didn’t see any improvement. Sign up for the three-day trial and see for yourself.

Keep in mind that Instagram bots are against the TOS of the social network. You shouldn’t use them on large established accounts because you run the risk of being banned. Instead, focus these kinds of tools on small accounts that haven’t gotten to 10,000 followers.

After that, stop using them and focus on organic strategies. I recommend the super commenter strategy to quickly add thousands of followers.

Final verdict on Gold Nitro alternatives

Gold Nitro had its run but is no longer operational. These Gold Nitro alternatives have picked up the slack and will make it possible for you to continue to grow your Instagram account.

This guide has given you a general overview but I encourage you to assess them yourself. Check if they have the features and reputation you’re looking for before you start paying them for the service.

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