Funnelytics Review 2023: Is it worth it?

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You’ve probably heard people say: businesses fail to plan, not plan to fail. 

After all my years of consulting, it can be quite shocking to see that businesses don’t prioritise their sales process and metrics at all. Unsurprisingly, these businesses are the ones that are struggling to grow. 

The ability to map out all your processes, and track the value add in every step of the way can help you improve your businesses, so you can scale safely. To make things clear, Funelytics is a mapping out software only, and it will not actually help you implement the strategy. 

Nevertheless, the mapping process is still essential for every business, whether you’re running this for your own business or to present your marketing strategy to a client, Funnellytics offers you massive value no matter what. 

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Funnelytics is made for both the in-house marketing manager and the marketing agency helping clients grow. 


Features and Functionality 

Funnelytics has a range of features built into its mapping tool to ensure that your funnel building journey is a smooth one. 

Drag and Drop Mapping 

This is the core feature of Funnelytics. Their drag and drop mapping tool is simple to use, as you can drag and drop different types of components of your funnel out to visualise it. As I mentioned before, when you’re able to visualise it, you can start tweaking your funnel on a high level. 

Team Collaboration 

Funnelytics allows you to add your team in, so you can collaborate and improve your funnel as a team. The pro account will give you a separate client workspace, so you can work with your client in a separate area. 


Every strategy should be driven by a north star (one goal you should hit). Funnelytics allows you to forecast your numbers before you start building your funnel, so you can make tweaks in the planning stage with estimated KPIs before you roll it out to your real users. By doing so, you can ensure you are strategically on track to hit your north star. 


Aside from mapping, Funnelytics is able to help track your funnel each step along the way, measuring everything from conversion rates to click through rates, Funnelytics will be able to report on the end to end user journey of your funnel. Best of all, you won’t need a developer to help you install this, as they have their pre built Funnelytics Tracking Script that you can install yourself and it will take care of everything else for you. 

Access the Funnelytics Vault

One of the biggest reasons to join Funnelytics is not only for their actual tool, but their vast amount of resources you get access to when you become a Pro member. 

  • Over 50 high converting funnel maps from names like Tony Robbins, Lady Boss, Digital Marketer and Russell Brunson. There’s nothing better than to learn (or copy) from the best marketers in the world and applying them to your own projects or clients. 
  • Add maps to your canvas with a single click (and customize from there)
  • Full video breakdowns of how and why each funnel works - leverage their strategies to generate more money from your funnels
  • BONUS: Clickfunnels templates you can swipe to model their funnel super fast

Add-Ons & Integrations

 Funnelytics is mainly a stand alone mapping software, for you to visualise the funnel you plan on building. However, on the data tracking side, Funnelytics is able to integrate with your existing tools and website. 

  • Lead Profiles: Funnelytics can pass customer data from your order/opt-in forms and track individual customer journeys through your funnel.
  • Email & Ad Results: Integrate Funnelytics with your email marketing software and paid ad channels so you can track your marketing efforts in whole. 

Funnelytics for Agencies  

If you’re from an agency, Funnelytics can be incredibly helpful if you’re using this for client work. You can map out your proposed funnel and present it to clients so they can visualise your ideas before you start building them. Communication between the agency and clients is key in managing the relationship, and by having the top level strategy presented on a mapping tool like Funnelytics, you can ensure that both parties are on the same page. 

In this instance, the Pro account will allow you to have a 

On top of that, if you’re trying to sell to new clients, you can easily whip up a new funnel (with a few customisations unique to the client) and present it to them, to make your position stand out from the 10 other agencies the potential client is talking to. It’s not something that will take a lot of effort from your end, and can make a big difference on the client’s point of view. 

Funnelytics Pros & Cons


  • Simple to use UX
  • Free lifetime plan for you to give it a try
  • Massive benefit to be able to present a client their could-be marketing funnel if you're on the sales side
  • Data tracking step by step in the funnel
  • Access to resources vault


  • setting up on-page tracking can be hard for the less tech savy (but not impossible) 
  • tracking not available on Marketer Plan
  • limited workspaces on Pro plan 


Funnelytics has a plan for all situations, whether you’re just starting out your side hustle, of if you’re from a marketing agency running on all 4s. With a free to use starter plan, you will be able to give Funnelytics a test run, and pretty much build and visualise the funnel you want with it’s range of prebuilt templates that you can customize for yourself. 

If you’re coming from a more established company already with a larger team or a small agency, then their paid plans are quite affordable too. The ‘Marketer’ plan is priced at $470 a year with access to two workspaces (handy when you want to build two separate funnels) and the ability to add clients and teams in. Furthermore, you can access their forecasting tools to predict future conversions, revenue and profit. 

The Pro plan is only slightly higher at $790 a year, and the 3 biggest changes are: 3 separate work spaces, ability to track the data on the actual funnel on the website and access to the Funnelytics Vault, where you can learn (and copy) from the leading marketers around the world. 

Help & Support

Funnelytics overall has a strong customer support service. As can be seen in multiple customer reviews, we can see that their customers are satified with the service, as their support team not only helps deal with software bugs and issues, but also can help with building the actual funnel. 

funnlytics review

Unfortunately, Funnelytics doesn't have 24/7 support, but to be honest, do you really need all night support for you funnel mapping and tracking software? 

Facebook Group

One of the biggest benifits of the Funnelytics support is the community aspect of things. Their Facebook group remains active till date, with many customers sharing ideas and even the CEO herself will interact with customers. 

funnelytics fb group

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, I 100% recommend Funnelytics no matter where you’re coming from. There’s no reason not to sign up to their free account to give the tool a test run, and if you like it, then consider signing up to the paid plans. The strongest reason to use Funnelytics is the ability to easily map out your funnel so you can visualise it, and as simple as that may sound, Funnelytics does a great job at it. 

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