Follow Liker Review: Features, Pricing, and Is it Safe?

Follow Liker Review

Instagram has over a billion active users and people are able to achieve fame and fortune by using the platform. It’ no wonder that people are seeking out services to help them grow their accounts. It’s an investment that may yield much larger returns down the line.

In this guide, I’m reviewing Follow Liker, a service that promises to make social media growth simple.

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What is Follow Liker

Follow Liker is a multi-purpose social media automation platform. The software includes Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr automation but I’ll be focusing on the Instagram automation features. It’s a downloadable application that runs on your Mac, Windows, and Linux computers and requires certain minimum system specifications so keep that in mind when using it.

Key features of Follow Liker

Follow Liker has many of the features you’d expect in Instagram automation as well as a few extras.


This is one of the most requested features for Instagram automation. You follow people, get on their radar, and keep following them if they’re a fit or unfollow them after a certain time period. The platform allows you to do this and you can set the criteria for when you follow people based on keywords or hashtags.

Direct messages

When a new user follows you, it’s possible to send a direct message to promote your content, products, or just start a conversation. An engaged audience is one that likes your photos and keeps it in the good graces of the Instagram algorithm. Use this feature to communicate with existing followers or


Commenting is a great way to get on someone’s radar but it can be construed as spam when the comment isn’t directly tied to what’s being posted. If you want to use this feature then you’ll have to go with generic phrases which wouldn’t elicit the kind of engagement you’re looking for. Though available, it’s best to avoid this feature.


Liking photos is a powerful way to engage with potential followers – especially when their accounts are small. This should be one of the main features you use. Even though it’s not as powerful as commenting, it’s much less spammy and can get you the desired results.

Though you can unlike an image with the Follow Liker, there’s not much reason to do so because likes cost you nothing. It’s not like a following someone where your numbers appear right on your profile page.

Post photos and videos

A useful feature of Follow Liker is full account management. You’re able to upload your photos and videos to the platform and schedule them to go out. That means you can plan entire month of content (or more) in one sitting and leave your account to run on autopilot.

All you’d need to do is reply to comments (if any) on your images and keep the engagement high. Otherwise, your followers may stop following you which no one wants.

Multiple account management

You can also manage all of your Instagram accounts. This is a must-have feature if you’re building multiple brands or if you have your main account and a few backup accounts. Simply add them to the platform the same way you did your initial account and you can choose the settings for the account individually.

When you manage multiple accounts with Follow Liker, it’s important to use proxies so your account isn’t flagged for suspicious activity. That can put an end to all your hard work in just a matter of days.

Proxy usage

The way Instagram is set up, if you’re accessing too many accounts from the exact same location without the proper device fingerprint, you may end up getting a temporary block. The same thing can occur when you’re accessing the platform with a third-party service such as Follow Liker.

To get around this, you can purchase proxies. They vary in cost from a few cents to a few dollars a month. They also vary in type. There are iPv6 and iPv4. The latter is no longer available and can only be rented from a select group of platforms. The iPv6 proxies are readily available to purchase from most platforms.

I hesitate to link any of them because they tend to discontinue their services often and many of them are borderline shady operations. I encourage you to do your own research and find the one that’s best for you.

This is the point where I tell you that even though there are many features, it seems the software is no longer working as advertised.

Many customers are complaining that the software doesn’t work for them and they’re unable to get a refund from the company. It’s even difficult to cancel the subscription. Because of this, I’d recommend staying away from Follow Liker and instead test out a tool like Upleap, Inflact or Instamber.

Add-ons and integrations

Follower Liker is a self-contained system. That means you don’t need any other integrations to make it work. There is the option of an add-on. In this case, that’s extra management features for other social accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

When you add these services to your account then you get an initial discount but it doesn’t seem to be applicable if you decide to add the services later so keep that in mind if you’re on the fence.

Moving on.

Ease of use

Like with any other software, there is a learning curve associated with Follower Like. The interface isn’t very intuitive and looks dated. If you’ve used an Instagram growth tool in the past then you should be able to find your way around it. If not, be prepared to set aside time to learn the ins and outs of the platform.

Follow Liker Pricing

Follow Liker has multiple pricing plans depending on how many accounts you want to manage and whether you want to bundle it with other social media networks.

It starts at $57.99 for a setup fee for one account then it costs $5.99/m until you cancel.

For 5 accounts, it costs $77.99 for setup then $5.99 every month thereafter.

If you want to use it with unlimited accounts, it costs $97.99 for setup then $5.99/m thereafter.  

Pros and Cons


  • Many features
  • Can manage multiple accounts
  • Used on more than one social media platform


  • Doesn’t seem to be reliable
  • Support is slow and at times ignores requests
  • Difficult and dated user interface

Help and Support

Support is only available through their ticketing system and seems to be subpar at best. Many users have complained about the support team ignoring requests and replying days later. It’s problematic when the service itself doesn’t seem to be reliable. The least they can do is have excellent support agents.

Follow Liker alternatives

Since Follower Liker has proven to be unreliable, it’s important to know the tools that can deliver the results you’re looking for.



Upleap is unique because it doesn’t actually use automation software. Instead, it uses real humans to grow your account. Once you enter your criteria and account details, their team will get to work and ensure you’re achieving organic growth. On average, you can expect to grow 300% faster.

Try the service free for 3 days.



Instamber is an automation bot that’s been able to keep up with all of the changes that Instagram is rolling out. That means when you connect your account, you can be pretty confident that you’re safe from any penalties.

It has the features you’d expect such as liking, commenting, following, and more. Set it up and sit back as your account starts to grow.

Get started with Instamber.


instazood instagram tool

Instazood is an older Instagram automation bot and has been able to weather the storm of changes the platform is rolling out. You’re able to use it with Instagram and TikTok to grow your followers on both platforms.

You can automate almost everything such as likes, followers, direct messages comments (as always, be careful with comments because they can easily be seen as spam). It’s a solid tool that’s worth checking out.

Start your free 3-day trial

Follow Liker Review Verdict

Follow Liker has all the essential features you’d need to build your Instagram presence and grow your account. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s no longer working as advertised. The team may be in the process of rectifying the situation but there’s been no update on their end.

I can’t, in good faith, recommend this product right now. It may be that they improve down the line but you’d be better off getting started with a tool that’s working right now instead of one that may start working in an unforeseen future.

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