How to Create a High Conversion Real Estate Landing Pages

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Real estate landing pages are individual pages that have one job. To convert the page visitor at an alarmingly high rate. The page can be used for getting customer contact details of those interested in purchasing, rent appraisal conversions or the crown jewel, a property appraisal (someone interested in getting their property valued) conversion for someone interested in selling. 

It’s no secret that real estate is a tough industry, with lots of competitors and only a limited supply to sell. So in this article, we’re going to dive into what exactly makes a great converting page, and the elements on them that make them perform so well (so you can copy) and show some examples (so you can copy). 

A website isn’t good enough

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You know the feeling when you see the total number of traffic coming into your website skyrocket, and before you even look at the revenue numbers, you’re already seeing dollar signs in your eyes? But then you scroll a bit further down and see conversion rates and sales remain low? 

What’s worse is that your imaginary dollar signs slowly turn to fire when you realise all the money invested in driving the traffic into the site, only to have the visitors press the back button and leave.

Leaving you with a heft adspend bill. 

I’ll share with you an industry secret…

Websites aren’t good enough. 

There’s too many distractions on your website. ALL your services are listed. What are your benefits? Why should they act immediately?

These are all reasons why a website doesn’t convert.

Here’s why you need need to direct viewers to a landing page instead. 

Higher conversion rate by default

According to statistical research by Omniture, the act of using a landing page to target your campaign traffic results in an average increase in conversion rate of 25%. This underscores the fact that it’s simply a smart practice to follow. When you consider that many paid search campaigns send visitors to either the homepage or a registration form, often without any Message Match to follow up the original offer, a focused and targeted message will automatically product better results. This brings me to point 2.

Focused & Targeted Messaging

Your websites will have MANY distractions. From showing different servcies ato different products, people will come and go if the messaging isn’t straight to the point. A landing page is different, as it’s external from your website, you can have a very lazer focused messsaging. 

Flexibility in design

Have you ever had to deal with developers to get a website adjusted? It’s not fun is it? First they charge for every change you make. Then they take FOREVER to make the changes. What’s worst? A good website (and landing page) should be optimized as time goes by. You should be able make changes swiftly as you test differetn chages on the site. But you won’t be able to do that if a develoiper takes 1 week to make one change. 

You won’t have this problem with a landing page builder. 

Simpler Campaign Measurement

In marketing, we love numbers. We love measuring the clicks, the cost per click and 20 other variables. But from a business owner’s point of view, there’s 1 number that matters. That’s leads. 

You need a landing page. 

Actually, Multiple Real Estate Landing Pages Would Be Best

For the best results possible, use a landing page builder like Instapage. With prebuilt templates so you can copy the best and seamless integrations to get you up and running (and making making) in no time. 

Real estate agents who are crushing the website lead generation game will tell you that the more specific and niche a landing page is, the more effective it will be.

Running an ad to generate new buyer clients? Make sure the landing page is tailored just to them. Have a large contingent of millennial homebuyers in your market? Get even more specific.

Remember, the purpose of your landing page is to convert your visiting traffic into leads, so the more chiseled your message is, the higher your conversion rate will be.

While landing pages are excellent tools for collecting leads, it’s not enough to simply slap one together and assume that the masses will come running. While there's no such thing as a ubiquitous "perfect" landing page, there are best practices you can easily adopt today to supercharge your conversion rate.

Here’s 4 tips to create your one. 

1. Simple is Best 

The most effective landing pages have one thing in common. Simplicity. They get straight to the point and don’t have anything that can distract you from converting when you land on the page. 

A good landing page will be designed so that the first impression must capture the viewer’s attention, enough so they don’t press the back button on the browser and convince them that they’ve landed on the page for a good reason. 

2. Create a compelling headline

When it comes to a headline, like what we just told you, simple is good. Understand the motivation of the viewer and create a headline that they will want to hear. 

The best headlines:

  • Use simple, positive, powerful language
  • Make bold, attention-grabbing statements
  • Include numbers
  • Create a sense of urgency

Your headline is the entry point for the rest of your page. Create one that compels people to read the rest of the form.

Here are some examples: 

  • "Discover your perfect home"
  • "Find your way home"
  • "Sell for more, pay as low as a 1% listing fee"

3. Focus on the benefit not features

When you create the page, it’s easy to outline all the features of your agency. Showing off your large diverse team to a large customer database may sound great for you, but for the viewer, it means nothing. What does a large team mean for them? Does it mean they get a better service? Does a larger customer database mean you can sell their property without ever going on the market? 

Let the customer know the benfiits. Not judst the features. 

4. Use high-quality images

Every industry needs high-quality images, but real estate needs the BEST. You don’t need us to tell you that high quality images are required to sell a property, so don’t make the mistake of using poor images on your landing page. 

5. Create intent-specific landing pages

Every landing page should only have one purpose and one Call To Action. If you make the mistake of having one page to do 2 things, the messaging on the page will get lost and you may as well throw your money in the firepit.

An Example (For You to Learn From Copy)

Buy My Place

real estate landing page


  • straight forward selling point highlighting the benfiits
  • contact form easily accessible
  • 3 value propositions can be seen on the first glance 


For the best results possible, use a landing page builder like Instapage. With prebuilt templates so you can copy the best and seamless integrations to get you up and running (and making making) in no time. 

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