BuzzVoice Review: Is it Safe to Use? Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

buzzvoice review

The majority of your audience is made up of your followers, and as your following grows, so does the amount of engagement on your posts.

The more followers you have, the more likely it is that additional people will notice your account and follow you.

Furthermore, the amount of followers on your profile is a good sign of how popular it is, so you’re more likely to show on the Explore Page if you have a lot of them.

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Buzzvoice offers marketing solutions tailored to each social media site, allowing you to take what you’ve already done and take it to the next level. They accomplish this by making your presence more active.

When it comes to boosting your social media presence, sometimes a small boost is all you need. Once you’ve established yourself in the community, you should see a spike in views, likes, and other forms of engagement — in other words, more traffic to your stream and feed, which is what you desire.

This tool is typically purchased by a startup company in order to provide a buffer and establish interest by having a small follower in which the package may include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Features & Functionality

Social media’s one-stop-shop 

BuzzVoice can help you grow or promote your Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or SoundCloud accounts. It’s the ideal option to be if you want to boost your social media profile or enhance your interaction levels. You may buy followers, comments, likes, video views, and more with them

Hassle-free payment method

Payment processors like PayPal, of which BuzzVoice is one of three choices, are quite cautious about supporting service providers who sell services that are similar to traffic acquisition and even certain social media platforms. If you can buy YouTube views and pay for them with PayPal, you know it’s a safe service that won’t get you de-platformed. Not only does BuzzVoice take credit card payments, but they also accept Bitcoin for all of their services, not just YouTube views.

Affordable deal

BuzzVoice strives to give the best value whilst maintaining top-notch quality. On BuzzVoice, you will always obtain the greatest deals with timely delivery.

30-Day Guarantee Offering

Buying Instagram video views is something you’d do for a purpose, so you’d want to have some kind of assurance attached to the transaction. Buzzvoice’s guarantee is one that applies to all of the social media engagement services they provide, namely, retention for 30 days! It’s a reasonable and legitimate guarantee to make.

Discount rewards

BuzzVoice offers discounts for customers after every order. They give better deals to loyal customers. Discount coupons are given in exchange to sharing experience about your order. Discount coupons vary from 5 to 10 percent.

Ease of Use

Businesses will find it much easier to engage their target audience with BuzzVoice’s interface. With one simple interface, businesses can control their video views, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers. Users will no longer need to visit each service’s individual website because all of these services are available in one place which will save you money, time, and energy.

Plans & Pricing

They claim to include the following in each package:

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Same-Day Shipping 
  • Cheap prices

BuzzVoice accepts payments through PayPal, all major credit cards, and Bitcoin.

Here are a few samples of their pricing:

Instagram Followers

  • 50 Instagram followers: $2.97
  • 100 Instagram followers: $4.97
  • 250 Instagram followers: $7.97
  • 500 Instagram followers: $13.97
  • 1000 Instagram followers: $24.97
  • 2500 Instagram followers: $49.97
  • 5000 Instagram followers: $89.97
  • 10000 Instagram followers: $169.97
  • 25000 Instagram followers: $309.97

YouTube Views 

  • 1000 YouTube Views: $8.97
  • 5000 YouTube Views: $39.97
  • 10000 YouTube Views: $69.97
  • 20000 YouTube Views: $129.97
  • 50000 YouTube Views: $309.97
  • 100000 YouTube Views: $599.97
  • 250000 YouTube Views: $1449.97
  • 500000 YouTube Views: $2797.97

Facebook Fanpage Likes

  • 100 Facebook page fans: $7.97
  • 250 Facebook page fans: $12.97
  • 500 Facebook page fans: $17.97
  • 1000 Facebook page fans: $29.97
  • 2500 Facebook page fans: $59.97
  • 5000 Facebook page fans: $109.97
  • 10000 Facebook page fans: $199.97
  • 25000 Facebook page fans: $479.97
  • 50000 Facebook page fans: $879.97

The process of buying Instagram likes from Buzzvoice is quick and easy. Whether you buy 100 or 50,000 Instagram likes, you can expect timely deliveries. In most cases, you’ll receive your likes within 30 minutes. They will never ask for sensitive information such as passwords or personal information in exchange for their social media marketing services. To get started, all they will need is access to your Instagram account.


  • Site authentic and trustworthy
  • Visible and reasonable pricing
  • Functional FAQ and Help page
  • Doesn’t need your password
  • Secured checkout
  • Safe payments processing


  • Unavailability of an accountability Form
  • Transparency on the customers’ real reviews
  • Limited 30 days guarantee
  • No 24/7 support

The Final Word 

BuzzVoice is a social media marketplace and growth service that operates online. You may purchase packages of followers, likes, and views for a variety of social media networks from their website, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

Buzzvoice claims to be passionate about assisting its clients in increasing social media engagement in minutes. They claim to offer safe payments processing and be able to assist you with all kinds of social media engagement needs, including Instagram and other social media platforms.

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