Best MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Software of 2024

best mlm software

What is MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Software? 

MLM (Multi-level Marketing) software is a type of direct sales that involves selling products and services through a range of distribution channels. Which is also referred to as Pyramid Selling or Network Marketing. 

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a direct selling approach in which existing distributors/agents recruit new distributors in exchange for a share of the sales of the recruits. This has the opportunity to enhance network effects in the future. To sell to customers, the full chain of marketers and sales professionals will be involved. It is a multilevel marketing software that keeps track of your affiliate or e-commerce network, users, and commission programs.

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our comparisons and recommendations. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

Benefits of MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Software

  • Remote access is supported.
  • Provided support in the development of communication abilities.
  • Support for compensation schemes that is uniquely designed for your needs
  • Integrations with e-commerce
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities are offered.
  • Transparency enhanced
  • Adaptable schedule
  • a budget-friendly approach
  • Increased in sales

Top 10 Best MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Software

 A list of top solid 10 MLM (multi-level marketing) companies is listed below with its pros, consequences, and pricing plans.

1. Rallyware– Best Tool For Medium And Large Size Businesses And All Processes Related To Distributor Productivity 

Rallyware provides a service to companies with vast distribution networks that span a large geographic area. It is an onboarding method that employs data from your network to determine your team’s capabilities and shortcomings. It also encourages client participation to increase performance and customer retention.


  • Monitoring of distributors
  • Live rep support is available 24/7, by phone and online during office hours
  • Sales reports supplied critical information to the analytics dashboard.
  • User and administrator ease of use
  • Platform with a lot of flexibility
  • Deployment via mobile
  • Fantastic tools with a dynamic and engaging approach


  • It needs to increase its ability to pull reports and analyze data on its own.
  • There are no payment processing options.
  • Pricing information is only available upon request.
  • Dashboards and metrics for data need to be enhanced.
  • There are no commission managements.


Rallyware has not disclosed price information for this product or service, so you will have to contact them for the most up-to-date information.

2. DataTrax– Best Tool For Health, Wellness And Fitness Professionals

Order management, CRM, and expansion are the main topics of interest for DataTrax, which focuses on direct-selling businesses. It can be set up to run alongside your activities, allowing for infinite scalability and expansion. It also allows you to manage and generate promotions and discounts all from one place.


  • Reports available on mobile 
  • Real-time metrics are available. 
  • Monitoring of distributors 
  • Capable of storing everyone’s data
  • Provides mobile ticketing systems. 
  • Reports that can be customized 


  • No lead management provided
  • Support not available 24/7
  • It is tough to work efficiently because of the lags.
  • Not very user friendly
  • Quite outdated
  • To use it smoothly, you will need good preparation.


With this product, DataTrax has not disclosed price information.

3. MarketPowerPROBest Tool For Network Marketing Companies 

MarketPowerPRO is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) MLM solution that includes all of the major aspects you will need to expand your current or new network marketing business. This MLM software solution allows you to take control of your market rather than just compete in it. With MarketPowerPRO, you can provide your distributors with everything they need to get up and running quickly today and plan for the future.



  • Pricing schemes that are not readily apparent
  • Some of the parts require improvement.
  • Some stuff is difficult to find.
  • The support team took a while to respond.
  • Training is required to completely understand the system.
  • Making some of the changes can be a little difficult.


MarketPowerPRO subscriptions begin at $499 per month.

4. Plexum– Best Tool For Marketing And Advertising Professionals.

Plexum is a cloud-based MLM software that is fully integrated. Its sales model is magnificently doing everything it can to boost your share in the market. You can duplicate websites for each one of your members, empowering them to customize for their prospective customers. 


  • Auto-responder and other fantastic email marketing capabilities are included.
  • Gateways for payments
  • Allow your consumers to spread the word about your items.
  • Allows you to create an internal social network to promote sales, 
  • Add as many team members as you want to the software at no extra cost.
  • There is a free trial and demo provided.
  • Exchange of information
  • Automatically monitor all sales purchases and activities.
  • Managerial leadership


  • Needs to expand its servers and pay for more space.
  • Website design options are generally limited.
  • The customer service was poor.
  • There is no support for mobile devices.
  • It is quite outdated.


Plexum has not provided price information for this product.

5. VentaforceBest Tool For Cosmetics Professionals

Ventaforce is one of the top MLM software with more than 150 tools and functions. Since 2001, it has also been a proven and effective direct selling software solution. Multiple currencies, languages, and vendors can all be integrated with Ventaforce. You also have complete control over the site design, which you may use across your whole network.


  • Sales tracking and advanced reports
  • Enables you to integrate with WhatsApp to improve your client service.
  • Verification of KYC documents is provided
  • Content management system site
  • Variety of formats to choose from.
  • Future upgrades are no longer a concern because of the scalability.
  • Powerful member database with profiles.
  • More than a million files can be stored on it.
  • You can operate a business from anywhere in the world with the mobile app.
  • To take your firm to the international level, you should be multicurrency and multilingual.
  • Data security is guaranteed safe due to a multi-level security feature.


  • There is no free trial available.
  • The price is higher than the previous version.
  • It is difficult to calculate rewards by country.
  • It is quite difficult to use.
  • Designing skills should improve.
  • It can only be accessed on the internet.


Ventaforce cost starts at $2200 per user for a one-time payment.

6. ByDesign– Best Tool For Growing And Start-Up Businesses

Direct-selling enterprises that operate websites as e-commerce storefronts are targeted by ByDesign’s top MLM software products. It facilitates businesses aiming to expand their affiliate network by emphasizing scalability and versatility. Over time, as your software grows in size, you will have access to more resources. A strong business platform is also available to motivate your staff and allow sales from anywhere.


  • System integrations
  • Onboarding for the journey with a detailed partner tree
  • Upgrades are free and available throughout the year.
  • International sales in a variety of currencies and languages
  • Advanced and Sales reports are provided
  • API is open and adaptable
  • Inventory management
  • Fully customized mobile app


  • Listed prices are not published in the public
  • The app usually crashes.
  • Customization needs some enhancement.
  • Requests for time off should be developed.
  • Many sorts of licenses are perplexing.
  • The mobile app is perplexing, and it lacks the same features as the web version.
  • The system can be a little laborious at times.


The monthly fee for Bydesign starts at $2500.

7. ARM MLM– Best Tool For Direct Sales And Network Marketing Businesses 

The ARM MLM platform is based on a well-developed script with numerous functionalities. The shopping cart is one of the most useful ARM MLM software features as it provides a secure environment for your e-commerce platform, allowing your affiliate partners to offer affiliate items and services more efficiently. You can also receive alerts for new registrations, payment requests, and user verifications by setting up SMS notifications.


  • Epin generators
  • Payment processing and Advanced reports
  • The project is significant, and it can be customized in various ways.
  • XML web APIs
  • Plans for business and compensation
  • Bitcoin transaction and eWallet accounts
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Commission management 


  • There are some technical difficulties.
  • There are numerous errors in the software.
  • It has an unfinished script.
  • 24/7 Live support is not available
  • Customer service is lacking.


The cost of ARM MLM starts at $99 per month.

8. Epixel– Best Tool For Business With Large Distributors

Epixel boosts every aspect of organizational control and growth, allowing it to play a key position in the global market. This software bundle incorporates the most recent technology advancements and innovations. It allows customers to create a wide range of compensation plans that are entirely configurable to fit the challenges and competition in their industry.


  • Feature-rich and fully-customizable 
  • Monitoring of key performance indicators so you can make better, more educated marketing decisions.
  • Secure network
  • Commission tracking and lead management
  • Reliable business performances
  • Lead funnelling
  • Keep track of your financial situation and use it to make strategic decisions.
  • Tools for promotion and team collaboration are provided.
  • Learning resources and courses that are relevant


  • There is no defined price scheme.
  • Quite tricky to navigate and adjust.
  • While providing bespoke solutions, there is a transit delay.
  • The usability was poor.
  • Fixing bugs is becoming more common.
  • Due to time zone differences, there are communication gaps.
  • If you want to add modules, the monthly subscription can become costly.


Epixel does not disclose pricing information but there is a free trial available.

9. InfiniteBest Tool For Network Marketing Companies

Infinite MLM specialises in making financial computations in e-commerce enterprises as efficient as possible. It combined Opencart and Magento, two of the most prominent websites in the industry, to make online purchasing easier. It also provides high-end customisation for payout schemes, such as sponsor bonuses, payment channels, and level commissions.


  • CMS that will automatically update your site regularly with new items and news 
  • SMS integrator and backup system
  • All of the most recent add-ons are provided. 
  • product placements are unlimited.
  • Secure and safe transactions  
  • Manufacturer categories
  • Skilled development support
  • Discount coupon management
  • Extensive platform deployment
  • Advanced reports
  • Several support options
  • Automated payments
  • Ability to duplicate web pages for your affiliates


  • The commissions and payments are a little perplexing. 
  • Payment plans are quite expensive 
  • A little confusion on using the software 
  • There are certain difficulties with calculating level commissions Software will stop working more often


  • Basic Infinite MLM Software starts at $850
  • E-Commerce Cut Package starts at $2400
  • Infinite MLM Plans starts at $850

10. Plexus– Best Tool For Complex or Multiple Lines Of Business

Plexus Worldwide, an MLM located in Arizona that sells nutritional supplements, weight-loss, and personal care goods, bills itself as the “health and happiness” company, assuring members life-changing financial independence for only a few hundred bucks in setup fees.


  • A 60-day money-back guarantee is granted. 
  • The line of products that are of outstanding quality and with an emphasis on gut health.
  • The ambassador-to-customer ratio indicates a high-quality product with more satisfied customers and business builders. 
  • Transparent in regards to the earnings in their compensation plan and disclosure


  • In the marketplace, the product line is not effectively differentiated, and there are affordable options. 
  • The organization lacks a marketing structure and automation to assist you in growing your internet business.
  • In comparison to other companies, the compensation plan is more complex 
  • With cheaper options, the health and wellness market is intensely competitive. 


The annual membership fee for Plexus starts at $39.95.

How To Compare MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Software?

You must also consider that the product you choose is compatible with your current workflows, enables interaction with other systems, and delivers a great user experience with constant improvements.

  • Social media integration

Most marketers and sales associates believe that using social media to boost market penetration is extremely helpful.

  • Legal consultation

To ensure that your products and services conform with local and federal legislation, you should get legal advice. Regulatory precautions are included straight into the accounting components of some MLM software.

  • Granulated user controls

Allow critical areas of the software to be accessed by your downline distributors while maintaining confidential data secured.

  • Online catalogues and e-commerce

Online catalogues and e-commerce functionality allow prospective buyers and marketers to explore your products without mandating a considerable amount of time from you.

What To Look For in MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Software?

The way an MLM program manages payments, which includes the commission tracking tool and the tax administration module, is the most crucial element that makes it reliable.

When selecting an MLM Software solution, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Support with industry experience

Acquiring a complex software product without knowing how it works is a crucial stage. It is a great benefit to have guidelines from a team of professionals behind the wheel to demonstrate how each tool works.

  • Onboarding platform

The system should off easy onboarding so that your partners feel at ease

  • Commission tracking

You might need to choose how much each member earns per sale while guaranteeing that everyone is treated equally.

  • Graphical reports and presentations

You will be needing insights into your business performance for tracking the success rate of your network.

  • Payment processing

Software should allow you to accept and approve payment requests in any form that is convenient to you and your organization.

What are the key considerations before purchasing MLM?

Understanding the pros of utilizing Multi-Level Marketing Software will help you determine whether – and how – to integrate this solution in your own MLM company.

The following are some of the most key benefits:

  • Industry expertise

Evaluate the seller’s credentials and experience in the business. This will give you an indication of how long the vendor has been in business, who their customers are, and what projects they have collaborated on.

  • Additional capabilities

A vendor could provide some unique features or outstanding quality that boost the utility of their products. Look for business needs that are not covered by an MLM system’s primary competencies. This will assist you in selecting a vendor who will fully support your MLM strategy.

What type of buyer are you?

Businesses that adopt the MLM method have a variety of payment flows, which heavily influence their software requirements. Here are the enterprises that are classified based on the three most frequent flow structures.

  • Businesses with linear compensation flow 

Only one member exists on each level in this arrangement, and every new user accesses the network through an existing one or the sponsor.

  • Businesses with uni-level compensation flow

Each sponsor can have an unlimited number of members under them into this compensation plan. The sponsor receives a commission for any members who join through them, as well as those who join through their downline.

  • Businesses with binary compensation flow

Each sponsor can only have two members under them in this compensation plan. The commission in this structure is based on the income collected in each leg of the binary branching, rather than the number of levels under a sponsor. 


Although MLM software is not as popular as some other technology areas, finding the finest MLM software might still be challenging. To completely assist your downline distributors, make sure your selection process incorporates your company’s pricing structure. You should also use any free trials to evaluate the simplicity of use and integrations for your marketing, lead capturing, and website design.

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