15 Best Landing Page Builder Software in 2024 (Both Free & Paid)

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No matter how you look at it, when you have an online business, landing page software is an important part of your marketing stack.

It makes it possible to generate high-quality leads, appeal to specific segments of your audience, or even sell products directly.

What you can do with a landing page is only limited by your imagination.

Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our comparisons and recommendations. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

The reality is that if you have optimized landing pages, it unlocks the doors of growth for your business.

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One of the most important considerations is the landing page builder you choose. Choose the right one and you’ll have the flexibility to create something truly amazing. Choose incorrectly and you’ll be forced to hack your way to halfway decent pages.

In this article, you’ll find out what the best landing page software is to help you generate leads and turn your visitors into your biggest fans. 

Quick rundown of the best landing page builders

This is the TL;DR version so you can choose the best landing page tool ASAP.

Unbounce – Unbounce has been in the landing page game for many years. Over time, it has evolved into a solid landing page builder that boasts hundreds of templates, the ability to personalize the experience for every visitor, and the essential features to optimize conversions. You can view our full Unbounce review here.

The A/B testing engine is incredibly simple to use and master. Plus, it has a machine learning engine that helps you get the most out of your tests. It’ll quickly become your secret weapon for getting the most conversions from your pages.

Leadpages – Leadpages started as a tool that let you choose a template and replace the text. Today, it’s a full-fledged landing page builder with a drag and drop interface, a large template library, and mobile-optimized pages. 

You can easily launch A/B tests to find the best version of your pages, make any template match your brand, and even manage your Facebook ads from the interface. The best part is that it’s much cheaper than the other top landing page builders. You can view our full Leadpages review here.

Instapage – Instapage is one of the best landing page software solutions on the market. It has advanced features like post-click optimization which makes it dead simple to personalize the experience for every visitor. In addition to that, the landing page wizard is easy to learn and even if it’s the first software you’ve used, you’ll be right at home. 

It has many features targeted at teams but it’s still friendly for one-man operations and, at the risk of swallowing my own words, you’re almost guaranteed to get higher conversions. You can view our full review here. 

Landing page tools ranking criteria

There are a number of criteria we used to rank the software on this list. We looked at independent reviews on places like Capterra and also incorporated our own experiences while working with the platforms.

How easy is it to use?

One of the most important considerations with a landing page tool is the ease of use. No one wants to learn a complicated piece of software. There’s no time when so many options are out there. Questions we asked included:

-          Can I get started on my own or do I need someone from the company to teach me the ropes?

-          Are the menu options, buttons, and different elements labeled clearly and don’t need some kind of expertise to understand what it does?

-          Can I master advanced features with a little effort or do I need to fumble around with a course provided by the company or a third-party vendor?


First, how responsive is support? Will I have to wait three days before I get a reply? Are there tutorial videos for me to work with? What about the knowledge base – is it comprehensive? How many channels can I use to contact them? Do the support reps even know what they’re talking about when I reach out?


The million-dollar question. How much does it cost and is it competitive compared to other landing page builders on the market? Do they limit essential things like the number of pages you can create based on your plan?


Are the templates professional and mobile-optimized? How many of them are there and do they charge for the best ones? Can everything about the templates be customized or are you stuck with changing a few things? In addition to mobile optimization, are there mobile-first designs? How easy is it to find a certain type of template E.G. fitness, fashion, or real estate?


Do you need to change your marketing stack to use the landing page software? Do you need to connect it via APIs because it has a limited integration ecosystem? If the ecosystem is limited right now, are they at least adding more all the time?

The 15 best landing page builder software solutions

  •          Unbounce
  •          Leadpages
  •          Instapage
  •          Simvoly
  •          Landingi
  •          Wishpond
  •          Getresponse
  •          Convertri
  •          Hubspot
  •          Pagewiz
  •          Moosend
  •          Thrive Architect
  •          Ucraft
  •          ConvertKit
  •          Lander


1.  Unbounce


Unbounce is one of the oldest landing page builders on the market. When it came out, all it did was allow you to make landing pages and integrate them with your website. It has evolved since then and now gives you the ability to make popups and sticky bars.

Unbounce has more than 100 landing page templates that are, of course, mobile optimized. You can use a drag-and-drop wizard to make sure everything you place on the page is pixel perfect and the A/B testing engine makes it a breeze to test different variations and get an even better conversion rate.

A new Unbounce feature named Smart Traffic incorporates Artificial Intelligence to optimize your pages. It routes visitors to the pages they’re most likely to interact with and convert on and starts working with as little as 50 visitors. Customers, on average, see a 20% increase over traditional manual A/B testing.

Of course, you can still use normal A/B testing as well as multivariate testing. You can change any element or redesign it completely until you get the page that brings in the most results for your brand. Finally, it has dynamic text replacement so your ads are even more targeted.


·         The main landing page wizard can be learned quickly

·         Integrates with your entire marketing stack

·         Lightning fast pages which help you rank in Google

·         Over 100 professionally designed templates to choose from

·         You can change every element on your pages until it perfectly matches your brand


·         Can only publish a certain amount of pages which is determined by your plan.


The platform has multiple pricing plans which range from $80/m - $300/m. If you pay yearly then a 10% discount is applied to your account.

Rated - 4.6 (191 reviews on Capterra)

Leadpages landing page builder

Leadpages is a solid page builder designed for small businesses and creators. It has multivariate and A/B testing, conversion tracking across domains, and a large integrations ecosystem. has a strong emphasis on personalizing advertising campaigns and creating a personalized customer journey. 

Leadpages is among the most well-known landing page solutions in the world and has changed a lot since it was first introduced. In the initial iterations, static landing page templates let you change the text and colors but not much else. That means you had to rely heavily on their templates. Now, there’s a drag-and-drop editor that gives you the flexibility to make template your own.

There’s a large library of free and paid templates for designed for a diverse collection of niches. Templates can also be sorted based on the conversion rate. Leadpages has a feature known as LeadMeter which gives real-time recommendations to help optimize your landing pages.

In recent times, it has grown beyond a landing page tool and now markets itself as a complete website builder. This could benefit you if you plan on creating a large number of pages on your website aimed at converting visitors.

An interesting feature of Leadpages is the integration with Facebook Ads. You’re able to make ads within the tool and tie them to specific landing pages.  It uses information from the page to create the initial ad and you can then customize it.

It doesn’t end there. You’re able to connect to your Stripe account and set up a checkout flow for visitors. Keep in mind that it’s a basic shopping cart solution that isn’t ideal for advanced things like one-click upsells. 


·         It comes with many free and paid templates.

·         Lightning-fast mobile-optimized pages

·         LeadMeter gives you real-time recommendations

·         It has native integrations for many marketing tools

·         Easy-to-learn interface

·         Relatively inexpensive


·         Builder may slow down for larger pages

·         Pixel perfect customization isn’t yet possible


It has 3 price points which range from $37/m to $321/m but there are discounts for yearly and bi-yearly payments. The plans are differentiated based on features.

Rated – 4.5 (113 reviews on Capterra)


Instapage rounds out our top three landing page builders and gets a lower position because it’s not as affordable as the other tools on this list. With that being said, it’s a powerful landing page software. In the beginning, they did anything they could to attract customers and have come far since its early days when it charged $5/m. Today, it’s one of the go-to tools for optimizing landing pages ad campaigns. It claims that customers get an average conversion rate of 22%.

The software has multiple features that go beyond creating landing pages. Of course, you have the drag-and-drop landing page builder, templates, and a unique feature called the Thor Render Engine™ that gives your pages superhuman speeds. Its AdMap™ feature makes it possible to connect each ad to an individual landing page, monitor relevance, and score based on performance.

It also has multivariate and A/B testing and conversion tracking across domains. It also has a large integrations ecosystem. Instapage has a strong emphasis on personalizing advertising campaigns and creating a personalized customer journey. Its AdMap™ feature makes it possible to connect each ad to an individual landing page, monitor relevance, and score based on performance.


·         Easy team cooperation

·         No usage limits on plans

·         Native integrations with major marketing tools

·         Robust personalization options

·         A/B and multivariate testing

·         Professional-looking templates

·         Visitor tracking with heat maps


·         Free library has limited options

·         More expensive than other page builders


Instapage has a single public pricing plan which costs $199/m. If you want more power then you’ll need to sign up for its enterprise plan which is customized to your needs. There’s no specific pricing for that.

Rated - 4.5 stars (281 reviews via Capterra)

4.  Simvoly


Simvoly is as well known in the landing page space but has a solid group of features which makes it a solid choice. The emphasis isn’t on creating individual pages but rather on creating entire sales funnels that work together seamlessly.

It integrates with payment processors which include Stripe and allows you to create checkout pages with one-click upsells and downsells. It’s a landing page solution that’ll help you build web experiences that convert.


·         Entire Funnel builder

·         Integrate with payment processors

·         Drag-and-drop editor that’s easy to learn

·         One-click upsells

·         All hosted pages have a free SSL

·         Simple CRM for contacts generated through pages


·         Not made for high traffic sites because it limits page views to 400k/m


Simvoly is a relatively inexpensive tool. It starts at $12/m up to $149/m. Unfortunately, the traffic mazes out at 400k pageviews a month and there’s no clear way to increase that allowance.

Rated – 4.7 (31 Capterra reviews)

5.  Wishpond

Wishpond landing pages

Wishpond is much more than a landing page builder. It tries to do many things – a jack of all trades if you will. The difference is that it does many of those things well. There are over a hundred mobile-optimized landing page templates that are designed for dozens of niches and verticals. Of course, it has a drag-and-drop page editor you can use to build pages from scratch.

There’s split testing, mobile editing, clear reporting, and more. The other aspects like contests, email marketing, and popups work seamlessly with the landing page builder.


·         Simple editor

·         Published right on CMS’ like WordPress

·         A/B and multivariate testing

·         Customize everything

·         Over a hundred templates to choose from


·         Many tools in one so it can be difficult to learn


The pricing is tied to the number of leads generate every month. It starts at $49/m and can get to almost $3,000/m.

Rated -  4.2 (60 reviews on Capterra)

6.  GetResponse

GetResponse Landing Page Builder

Wishpond was trying to be a jack of all trades but GetResponse has accomplished it. The software has transformed since it was first launched as an email marketing and autoresponder solution. Today, it’s a landing page builder, ads manager, webinar platform, popup maker, and more

You can manage almost all of your marketing campaigns from inside GetResponse. The page builder tool has a drag-and-drop editor, connects with stock photo libraries, boasts many templates, a simple testing engine, and many other essential features. It rounds out the landing page software with one-click upsells to make the most every conversion.


·         Works with multiple tools in the product suite

·         Responsive customer support

·         Integrates with payment processors

·         Large library of templates

·         Customize almost anything


·         There are so many tools that it can get overwhelming quickly


GetResponse is first and foremost an email marketing tool and the pricing reflects that. You’re billed based on contacts and features and pricing starts at $15/m and goes as high as $1,000+/m.. 

Rated - 4.1 (213 reviews on Capterra)

7.  Landingi

Landingi landing page software

Landingi has also been around for a while like Unbounce and GetResponse but it hasn’t developed quite as quickly. That notwithstanding, it fulfills all the criteria of a solid landing page builder. It has a large collection of professional-looking templates, supports split testing, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

The landing page software also has popups to make it easier to turn visitors into leads. One of my favorite features is the spam detection and contact validation that’ll help you make sure you’re getting real contacts. In the end, it’s a tool that is laser-focused on landing pages but not much else.


·         Can learn how to use the tool in a few hours

·         Has many integrations

·         Large template collection

·         Possible to build your entire funnel


·         Not developing as quickly as other solutions

·         Support options tied to your plan



Landingi is inexpensive compared to other choices on this list. Plans start at $15/m but only come with two landing pages. The highest tier costs $78/m.

Rated – 4.8 (81 reviews on Capterra)

8.  Convertri

Convertri landing page tool

Converti focuses on helping you get the fastest pages possible. This can be a distinct advantage for SEO and conversions. This is accomplished through what it calls accelerated page technology. Page speed, though important is only one aspect.

It also has many professional-looking templates, a shopping cart, robust page editor, and more. Within the editing wizard, there are multiple essential features geared towards conversions like countdown timers and dynamic text replacement.  


·         Clear emphasis on fast pages

·         Drag-and-drop editor that doesn’t limit your options

·         Many elements to use when building pages

·         Contact validation

·         Mobile-first pages


·         Has a steeper learning curve than many other tools


It cost $53/m for its lowest tier and maxes out at $166/m.

Rated – 4.9 (35 Capterra reviews)

9.  Hubspot

Hubsport landing page platform

HubSpot is kind of like the elephant in the room. It singlehandedly popularized the inbound marketing trend and also built the tech stack to make it work seamlessly. The landing page software is a part of that tech stack.

The landing page tool integrates seamlessly with the rest of the HubSpot tools to help you optimize the visitor’s experience from beginning to end. It has multiple templates, a simple drag-and-drop editor, A/B testing, and clear reporting. The landing page builder itself has an intuitive interface which even a novice can master quickly.


·         Multiple templates

·         Responsive pages

·         Customer fields on your forms to get qualified leads

·         Works with the entire product suite

·         Easy to personalize the content

·         Can send contacts directly to the email marketing part of the product


·         It can be daunting to understand how all the tools work together. Since there are so many tools and features, it may take a lot of time to understand how all of them work together.


It starts at $50/m and can go as high as $3,200/m. It’s dependent on features and number of contacts.

Rated - 4.5 (3,981 reviews on Capterra)

10.              Pagewiz

Pagewiz homepage

Pagewiz is a well-established landing page builder that focuses on conversion optimization for paid campaigns and modern design. There are over 100 templates to choose from and they’ve been designed in a way that you can make a few tweaks and are good to go.

The landing page platform has clear analytics to understand how your pages are performing and an A/B testing engine that makes it possible to optimize over time. Of course, it has a drag-and-drop page builder and support for your own code.


·         Many templates to choose from

·         Simple to get started

·         Large number of native integrations

·         Custom fonts and elements

·         API access to build your own integrations  


·         It’s designed for beginners so it can be limiting for advanced users.


It costs $29/m for the lowest plan and $199/m for the highest plan which comes with 100,000 visitors. Any more than that and you’ll have to look into enterprise pricing.

Rated – 4.5 (13 Capterra reviews)

11.              Moosend

Moosend started life as an email marketing software but, like Mailchimp and GetResponse, and other email marketing tools, it has decided to create landing pages. The landing pages are part of the email marketing service so there aren’t any integrations to other CRMs or email tools.

It has the most important features of landing pages such as templates, a drag-and-drop editor, support for custom code, and reporting to understand what’s working and what isn’t.


·         Multiple tools work together

·         Easy editing wizard

·         Clear reporting and analytics

·         Countdown timer

·         All pages are mobile responsive


·         It’s a limited landing page builder when compared to other tools. The draw is that it’s part of a product suite.


All of the features are available on every plan and is free for those with fewer than 1,000 contacts. Paid plans start at $10/m and grows to thousands of dollars a month depending on the number of contacts you have.  

Rated – 4.9 (96 Capterra reviews)

12.              Thrive Architect

Thrive architect homepage

Thrive Architect is a landing page builder exclusive to WordPress which is why it comes so far down the list. It has a real drag-and-drop editor which many WordPress plugins fail to get right. It has a large library of templates and you can edit the mobile versions separately.

One of my favorite features is the ability to create global blocks for your landing pages. Edit it in one place and it updates everywhere the block is used which can save you countless hours. The customization options include shadow effects, animations, countdown timers, and more.


·         Seamless integration with WordPress

·         Has native integrations with email, webinar, and other services

·         Hundreds of templates

·         Can customize almost anything

·         Multiple advanced effects and animations

·         Mobile-only editing



·         Weak reporting features unless you get a second plugin

·         A/B testing isn’t possible unless you buy another plugin for that



It has multiple license options which range from $67 - $97 one-off. It also has a monthly membership at $19/m.

Not rated

13.              Ucraft

Ucraft website builder

Ucraft is a true landing page and website builder that has more than 80 optimized templates. There’s a storefront and checkout option built-in so you can start collecting payments in hours.

There are simple SEO tools, multi-language support, strong team management features, a drag-and-drop wizard that utilizes a block system, and forms are fully customizable.


·         Responsive pages

·         It’s free to get started

·         Dozens of template to choose from

·         Round the clock support


·         It doesn’t have some essential features like split testing Missing some of the true landing page functionality such as A/B testing


Prices range from free to $69/m.

14.              ConvertKit

ConvertKit is another email marketing service that has made a foray into creating a landing page builder to make things more convenient for its customers. It can do the main things you’d expect from a landing page platform but don’t expect extraordinary features. That’s not its core competency.  The good news is that the team behind it is quickly developing it.  

Like the other tools that combine multiple products into one, the main draw of the ConvertKit landing page builder is the fact that it makes things easier. It integrates with essential tools like Google analytics, has a simple editor, and won’t disappoint you if all you need are the basics.


·         Small but professional template library

·         Easy to use interface

·         Responsive pages

·         Forms can collect custom data


·         It currently has a limited feature set when compared to dedicated page builders


It recently introduced a free plan but it doesn’t support landing pages. It starts at $29/m and can go up to thousands of dollars. Pricing is based on the number of contacts you have.

Rated – 4.8 (82 reviews on Capterra)

15.              Lander

Lander is another one of the older landing page solutions on the mark. It’s free to try and is a good choice if you’re a complete beginner. Of course, it has solid templates as well as separate editing interfaces for mobile and desktop so you can get the perfect design.

It integrates with the major email marketing tools like Aweber and Mailchimp but other ones are absent which means you have to check carefully. It has a split-testing feature which makes it a breeze to optimize your landing pages.


·         Ability to autofill forms

·         Integrate countdown timer

·         Simple analytics

·         Payment processor integration

·         More than 100 templates


·         Don’t’ have many advanced features

·         Traffic allocation is based on your plan


There are two pricing plans at $49/m and $99/m respectively. The way pricing is set up, it’s clear people are encouraged to pay yearly because they get a steep discount.

Rated – 4 (2 Capterra reviews).

So, What's the best landing page software?

That's the million dollar question. The truth is that there's is no "best" landing page software because everyones situation is different. 

Some people need a basic solution to get their pages online. Others need deep reporting and conversion tracking to make it worthwhile. 

I don't know what your situation is so I can't give you a personal recommendation. What I suggest is that you take a free trial on two or three that catch your eye from this list and test out all the features. 

Let me know what you think in the comments and the software you chose. 

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