10 Best Heatmap Tools For Your Website in 2024


What is a Heatmap Tool?

Heatmap software displays how people interact with a company’s website in two dimensions. The heatmap program will utilize visuals to demonstrate this behaviour when a web page is clicked, hovered over, or scrolled through. Heatmaps often use darker colours to represent high-usage areas and lighter colours to indicate low-usage areas on a web page.

How Does a Heatmap Work?

Heatmaps use a colour scale to illustrate users exactly how users interact with your site. Hotspots, the popular regions of your site, will display in vibrant colours like reds and oranges. Cold blues and greens will emerge in less popular regions of the page.

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Main Types of Heatmap Software

  • Mouse Tracking/Hover Maps

It keeps track of post-click behaviours as well as the precise location of the mouse on a web page. Hover maps are not always reflective of what a visitor is doing on a website because the mouse stays in the same spot if the user is reading something else.

  • Click Tracking Heatmaps

It allows you to record the location of a visitor’s click on a web page.

  • Eye Tracking Heatmaps

It is the eye movements of users while they gaze at a page that is recorded. This is a post-click activity that happens after the visitor has arrived at the landing page. Webcams can be used for eye tracking.

  • Scroll Maps

The number of times a person scrolls down your web page is recorded using this feature. This function assists you in determining the ideal page length for your website.

Way to generate a heatmap of your website

You all need a heatmap software application, such as the ones listed below, to create one.  All you have to do is pick which actions you want to analyze (scrolling, clicking, mouse movement) and which sites you want to make a map for then create the map by entering the information into your software application.

Top 10 Best Heatmap Tools

The finest heatmap software solutions are listed below, along with their key features, cons, and pricing, to help you produce detailed heatmaps on your web pages.

1. Crazy Egg– Best WordPress heatmap plugin

Crazy Egg is a heatmapping software that offers a variety of options for businesses, including agencies, eCommerce, and lead generation. It includes a variety of valuable analytics tools including exportable heatmaps and audience demographics reports.

The crazy egg can be used to make website heatmap session records to see how visitors utilize the site on each unique visit, in addition to heat mapping and scroll mapping. The solution also includes options for site launches, UX/UI audits, and more.

Key features

  • Allows you to optimize your website promptly based on the behaviour of your visitors.
  • It works well with third-party software, which is useful to users.
  • Simple to utilize and to set up
  • Enables client segmentation based on referrer, geography, and other factors.
  • Amazing UX & UI
  • Help you to enhance your website without having to spend a lot of money


  • Can cause issues in page loading
  • Users are billed once a year and do not have the option to pay every month.
  • Some users are not reflected in the analytics
  • The client service was poor.


Crazy Egg’s price starts at $24 per month. It also provides a free 30-day trial.

2. FullStory– Top website heatmap solution

FullStory is a heatmap tool that assists industry-leading eCommerce and SaaS businesses in better understanding and improving their digital experiences. Its analytics engine uses AI, machine learning, and heuristics to track sales, business, and engagement KPIs. This product is unique from the competitors of its analytical capabilities. Additional information such as load time and the number of users who visited the website is available through the heatmap features.

Key features

  • Provides a bird’s-eye view while maintaining user privacy.
  • Identify the sources of revenue loss that are not noticeable.
  • Allows to generate an optimal experience with cutting-edge methods
  • Opportunities for your team are automatically discovered, analyzed, and ranked.
  • empowerment to your team using a ground-truth data


  • The tool is too slow at some point
  • Generates a large amount of data that is easy to get lost in.
  • The learning curve was steep for some users 
  • The rates for numerous users are expensive.
  • Customer service is lacking.
  • The tool should focus on the resources for educational materials and customer service


Your new account will start with a free 14-day trial of FullStory’s Business edition with up to 5,000 sessions when you sign up for a free trial.

The minimum package price has been adjusted from $199 to $899.

3. Hotjar– Powerful dedicated heatmap software tool / Best free heatmap software

Hotjar is exclusively focused on creating heatmaps and analyzing user experience on your website. It allows you to create heatmaps for clicks, moves, and scrolls, as well as separate the heatmaps by the device.

Hotjar also has capabilities like recording, surveying, and client feedback. A user feedback feature, in particular, is a useful element that is not included in most heatmap solutions.

Key features

  • Surveys can be triggered in response to certain user behaviours.
  • Data from Heatmap analytics can be exported as a .csv file.
  • The dashboard is simple to use and has a user-friendly layout.
  • Allow you to construct NPS surveys.
  • There is a feedback module and sentiment tracking available.
  • The ability to add notes to recordings with timestamps and share them with team members
  • Provides segments that are a way to save your filter combinations.
  • Incoming Feedback can be tailored to your brand and allows you to send a response to a support email


  • presenting numbers is tricky
  • When the recording is over, you will not get any notifications.
  • The sessions for recording are risky.
  • It is not good at tracking dynamic content


Hotjar offers 4 different tiers and all charge monthly pricing.

  • Basic– free
  • Plus– starts at $$39
  • Business– starts at $$99
  • Scale– starts at $398

4. Mouseflow– Best heatmap software overall for all sizes of business

Mouseflow is a heatmap tool that can assist you to figure out why your website visitors are not converting into sales. It is decently rate and comparable to its rivals. Mouseflow illustrates a user’s activities from one web page to the next using funnels, in which you may generate reports based on these funnels. Several clients praised Mouseflow’s funnel function for its capacity to track data. Mouseflow also includes tools for demonstrating how people interact with online signup and form sites.

Key features

  • Run visitor feedback campaigns to learn more about them.
  • Automatically create six different types of heatmaps for all of your pages to see what is attracting their attention.
  • Conversion funnels, form analytics, and feedback campaigns can all be tracked.
  • creates click, scroll, attention, location, and movement maps to help you make Effective UX and marketing decisions.
  • you may analyze your data in any way you want using advanced filtering tools accessible in all plansCCTV for your website that allows you to replay exactly what your visitors do while browsing your site.
  • Helps to improve your lead generation by using form analytics.


  • The data search filters are quite difficult to utilize.
  • According to some users, searching filters can be difficult to use.
  • The scroll feature can cause the application to slow down.
  • In the user recording tool, there is an endless scroll option.


A 14-day free trial is available from Mouseflow. It is a free version that allows you to build infinite heatmaps. Its subscription plans start at $29 per month.

5. Smartlook– Top heatmap tool for mobile apps

Smartlook integrates the fundamentals of website analytics for desktop and mobile apps. It keeps track of a user’s interactions with any mobile app, landing page, or website. You can ID tag visitors and collect event analytics using the Smartlook API. Smartlook is a funnel and conversion analytics platform. There are methods available to detect anomalies or places of frustration. You may also examine what happens before an error occurs.

Key features

  • removes all the guesswork by bringing all of a brand’s app data into one unified dashboard.
  • To highlight popular elements, create heatmaps of visitor clicks, scrolling, and motions.
  • Retention tables, event statistics, and customizable dashboards are all available.
  • Provides a one-of-a-kind and always-on recording ability.
  • events made by the website or app that are automatically tracked


  • There is a limit to the amount of storage for a free account on all websites
  • Some of It does not save videos after a certain amount of time has passed, and sorting by date is difficult.
  • the anticipated features are lacking or underdeveloped.
  • Performance concerns and minor glitches are visible.
  • The product is quite costly.


Smartlook offers a free plan, but it is quite limited. Paid plans cost $39 and $79 per month, respectively.

6. Plerdy– Best value heatmap software

Plerdy aimed to gather every data that can demonstrate how to increase conversions automatically. A click heatmap and SEO notifications are available to users. You may also construct clever pop-up forms without the help of developers with this tool. Plerdy’s script is simple to install and does not slow down websites.

Key features

  • The dashboard allows businesses to see how well their landing pages are doing.
  • Allows users to establish conditions on custom forms, such as pages and device type, resulting in higher conversion rates for relevant website visitors.
  • Clicks are recorded with a 99% accuracy rate.
  • The number of clicks on specific sections or areas of a web page can be tracked, monitored, or recorded.
  • Illustrates how users interact with a website when they visit it.
  • Allow users to create forms to advertise special offers and generate sales leads.
  • Real-time data is transmitted to your dashboard.
  • Filter reports based on certain visitor behaviours or demographics.


  • Its one-of-a-kind function can sometimes cause some issues.
  • All of the options and functions are tough to comprehend.
  • Plerdy may not register unusual clicks on empty spots.
  • The data displayed is less intuitive to interpret in comparison to a heatmap screenshot,


Plerdy’s unlimited heatmap report pricing starts at $23 per month.

7. VWO– Best heatmap tool with built-in A/B testing

VWO is a set of website optimization tools developed by Wingify, a software business. It not only examines why users leave a website but also suggests ways to entice them back. It provides real-time behavioural data by displaying the major drop-off points in a visual funnel.

VWO also provides a comprehensive range of visitor logging capabilities. Surveys and form analytics are also available. You may acquire your A/B testing tools from VWO Testing. To try out new tests, there is a basic visual editor. CTAs and other ready-to-use widgets are available. Split URL tests and multivariate tests are also available. You can customize the overall statistics and reports to focus on individual elements. VWO Engage even has a mobile app.

Key features

  • Lots of different forms of heatmaps are supported
  • data on where your website visitors are clicking in real-time
  • can assist you in determining your ‘action points’
  • Allows you to choose multiple areas on the page to compare the number of clicks between several regions on the page
  • Integrated heatmaps, session recordings, and detailed statistics make it possible to examine the outcomes.


  • Conversion rates cannot be compared over time.
  • There is no simple way to determine how long a test has been running.
  • Certain testing will necessitate advanced execution via code editor rather than the visual editor.
  • It is difficult to perform a test on numerous pages at the same time.
  • The tool tends to require a substantial amount of visitor time to show a result.
  • The observation gathering sample rate is a little low because collecting a substantial amount of data takes a little longer.


The monthly cost of VWO Insights is $169. The monthly cost of VWO Testing is $199.

8. Lucky Orange– Best for real-time heatmap tracking / Good heatmap tool for conversion optimization

Lucky Orange is a fantastic software tool for anyone who genuinely wants to keep informed when it comes to conversion development.   Lucky Orange presents itself as an “all-in-one conversion optimization suite,” including a dynamic heatmap function that tracks clicks, scroll depth, and movement.

The functionality adds heatmaps to your browser, allowing you to track your user experience in real-time. You may also use it to compare different site layouts by segmenting different device kinds and changing date ranges.

Key features

  • Offers elements of polls and surveys
  • The dashboard constantly updates the data on your site in real-time and includes conversion funnel tools to highlight trouble points.
  • Allows you to watch it in action as people navigate the site in real-time.
  • Clicks, motions, and scroll depth are all tracked.
  • Allows you to record your whole session and view or filter all of your sessions.
  • Enables you to categorize your visitors and gather data on their behaviour, as well as compare segments.


  • This product cannot perform A/B testing.
  • The session recording feature might use some work because it is not always reliable.
  • The load time can be quite slow at times.
  • When a website has a large number of visitors accessing a web page, a real-time feature left one user confused.


Monthly subscriptions start at $10. All plans at Lucky Orange come with a free trial with no credit card required.

9. Clicktale– Top heatmap software for large business

Contentsquare (originally Clicktale) is software that notifies web developers when an anomaly occurs using artificial intelligence (AI). Users can track and monitor key performance indicators (KPI) using the dashboard function.

Contentsquare has several analytical elements that can help a company discover retail trends, as well as form analysis skills that can be used to improve site forms. Contentsquare’s service is also available on mobile devices. In addition, Contentsquare offers A/B testing, which allows a company to compare two alternative versions of a website.

Key features

  • A/B testing and a slew of other analytics tools are available.
  • Excellent guest recording with the ability to filter playbacks by visitor.
  • Accessible in both mobile and desktop applications.
  • allows you to compare visitor conversions to dropouts
  • keeps track of mouse motions and clicks
  • comprehensive reporting on the performance of your links
  • Offers an attention heatmap tool that shows you where people are paying attention and what they are skipping, as well as a scrolling mapping tool that shows you how far down the page visitors go.


  • a lack of compatibility with other analysis tools
  • When compared to similar products, the pricing is somewhat expensive.
  • Comparable heatmap programs do not provide some of the granular details that comparable heatmap technologies do.


Basic Plan– starts at $99/month for 20,000 page views recorded every month

Silver Plan– $290/month for 80,000 page views

Gold Plan– $990/month for 300,000 page views recorded every month. 

ClickTale also offers a free restricted plan for people to try out.

10. Inspectlet– Best free alternative to Google Analytics

Inspectlet is a useful activity tracking tool that may help you figure out what your consumers are doing on your website. It comes with some tools that can assist you in building a complete picture of how visitors interact with your website.

Inspectlet also has real-time heat mapping, which can be used to spot activity hotspots on your website’s pages. You may also use the session recording tool to track visitor movements from start to finish so you can see exactly what they are up to.

This is the ideal tool for analytics enthusiasts who want to get a more detailed view of how your site is being utilized by visitors.

Key features

  • Using JavaScript tags that you may filter on specific user data.
  • Offers conversion funnels for tracking a visitor’s progress toward purchasing on a website.
  • incorporates eye-tracking heatmaps, as well as typical click and scroll heatmaps
  • Session filters that give information on the duration of a visit as well as the path taken to web pages.
  • Filters are provided for more granular data.
  • Provides A/B testing that allows you to simply evaluate your site design and optimize your pages for conversion.


  • Modification can take a long time.
  • Inspectlet’s higher tiers are more costly.
  • The benefits of higher tiers do not complement the benefits of those tiers.


Paid plans start at $39 per month. A free option is provided for one site with up to 25,000 monthly page visits.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Heatmap Tool

  • Real-time Monitoring

Monitors how visitors use your website in real-time and allows a company to react rapidly to any emerging patterns.

  • Polling/Surveying

Users can provide feedback on an image or a mock-up website. Visitors can vote on which features of a website they prefer or dislike using polling.

  • Behavioural Analytics

Assists a company in making quick changes to their website to improve customer experience. This functionality records all mouse movements as well as any user comments.

  • Funnel Analysis

Tracks a user’s journey around a website and identifies the spots where visitors stopped. These insights are used to improve web pages, resulting in people making purchases or registering on the site. Any of these last steps will boost your conversion rate.

  • Predictive Analysis

Discover risk and ROI opportunities that will boost the productivity of a business website by using historical data, data mining, and machine learning to anticipate future results.

  • Deployable on Mobile Devices

Heatmap software applications that may be installed on mobile devices can give users a better understanding of their mobile experience.


It can be tricky to choose the finest heatmap software for your company because each manufacturer may offer extra capabilities not included here. Still, a website is a website, so there is no need to get confused with industry-specific heatmap software. You may now discuss with partners in your business to make an informed selection, now that you have a better grasp of the heatmap features offered.

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