Article Forge Review: Features, Pros & Cons, Worth Using?

article forge review

AI powered content generators have been all the hype in these recent times. As deep learning  and AI trickle down from high tech companies to simple article generation tools, users can benefit by having the ability to get a piece of content to use on their blog in less than a minute. 

In our Article Forge review, we dive into the functions and usability of this AI content tool, to see if it’s worth your time to use for your article needs. 

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Features & Functionality

AI Powered Writer

Article Forge uses AI to generate articles based on a certain input. Simply enter your keyword, sub keywords, word-length and other requirements and the program will spit out an article for you in 60 seconds.

Unlike some other tools such as or Copysmith, which uses Open AI’s GPT-3 language, Article Forge doesn’t open up what language powers their content generation. 

Muli Language Writer

Unlike other tools which mainly cater to an English audience, Article Forge generates content in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. This is useful if you want to rank your site outside of the English market, accessing a completely untapped market. 

Copyscape Plagiarism Test Passed

Each article generated will pass a Copyscape plagiarism test, if you’re worried the article may be over generated or trigger any plagiarism issues when used. 

Ease of Use

Article Forge is quite straightforward to use. Simply input your keywords and wait 30 seconds for an article to be spun up. 

However, if you’re planning to put the article on a respected site, or client’s sites, you will need to touch it up and edit it first, as it’s somewhat obvious when you read it that there’s not much of a personality behind the article. 

Tools like this will simply cut down a lot of your time normally used to write the bulk of the article, so you just need to spend a few minutes putting your spin behind it. 


WordPress Scheduling 

Article Forge can integrate directly with your WordPress blog, so you can auto generate content like a mill. Yes, you might be thinking it’s a bit on the spammy side of things, but if you simply want a blog on your site to have fresh content up all the time to age the site, this is a handy feature. 

Google values aged domains and aged sites over new websites, so if you’ve ever wanted to start a project and just leave it there, having an active blog over time can actually yield you some good results. 

Plans & Pricing

Article Forge starts at $27 a month when you pay annually. Unlike some other tools, they have an unlimited use policy, so you can create as many article as you want. 

Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited article generation each month
  • Multi language support
  • 60 second turn around time
  • Auto post to blogs
  • Copyscape plagiarism test passed 


  • Still need to edit article after generation
  • May take multiple generations to get the article / paragraph you want
  • Doesn’t use GTP-3

Help and support 

Article Forge’s help and support is quite limited. Due to the simplicity of the tool, they don’t have any live chat customer support or an advanced ticketing system to help with enquiries, but simply just a contact us form to help you out. 

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, Article Forge is a handy tool if you simply want to churn out LOTS of articles. Keep in mind, these aren’t top quality articles that you read on Forbes or INC when you get the articles, so you will need to work on them when you get the article. 

A way to get some more accurate content is by generating each paragraph at a time, and Article Forge is actually great at that, because it does not use a token system like Copywriter or, which limit you to the amount of content you can generate based on your plan. 

They are priced very fairly at just $27 a month, which is a fraction of what you’d pay if you were to get a cheap VA writer churning out content. 

Simply put it, if you need a tool to help you push out content like a mill, then Article Forge is for you. 

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