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….As you do less…not more

(now with over $200 in bonuses...)

If you’re reading this, most likely you’re trying to build an online business… one that can hopefully replace your income…and let you create a lifestyle that you’ve only dreamed of…. Right?

Well, there’s a big obstacle in your way…. That you most likely don’t even notice… like a hacker who has stolen your identity.. Where you don’t have control of your wallet.

The even worse news… this “thief” was put in your way intentionally… by self-proclaimed marketing “experts” that want to continue selling their course, training, books, and events that keep you on the “hamster wheel”.

They convince you that you need to “DO MORE!.... and SPEND MORE.” And the exact opposite is true.

How do I know? Well, on top of generating over $771,000 in sales online myself… I’ve helped my clients make $2,342,139 in sales for themselves. So I know what it takes.

It doesn’t take the latest software….

….It doesn’t require 10 years of experience.

You don’t need constant optimization and testing…

… and it definitely doesn’t have an entrance fee of tens of thousands of dollars.

In reality, it’s a simple and can be boiled down into a 3-step process I call the MTS Protocol.

The MTS Protocol is a holistic framework that tackles the three core aspects of online business at once.

So many young entrepreneurs (experience – not age) jump from one program to the next hoping for the breakthrough….. the silver bullet.

They’ve spent thousands looking for a result that’ll never happen because they’re looking at the business we’re in all wrong.

The MTS Protocol cuts through the noise to help you achieve the ruthless focus required to succeed while taking back what was stolen from you…. by the thieves who’ve tried to run off with it. Here's just some of what you'll learn...

  • Breakthrough for identifying the biggest roadblock in your way (and in the way of the majority of people online)
  • Plug your ears and get rid of all the misinformation crowding the interwebs so you can get laser focused on what works...
  • What you can do immediately to start seeing more results (pg 17).

The MTS Protocol doesn't end there. If you type “how to get more website traffic” into any search engine….. you’ll get millions of results that tell you the same thing….

  • Blog
  • Guest Post
  • Get Active on social Media
  • Be a guest in podcasts
  • Make infographics

None of these are necessary and none of them will give you the ability to generate unlimited traffic on demand.

The MTS Protocol gives you the REAL framework online businesses use to unlock unlimited traffic.

  • The two parts of your business and why most entrepreneurs get it so wrong...And what to do instead (pg 39).
  • The thing you may be accidentally doing right now (most do) to kill your growth and how doing the counterintuitive thing can 3-4x your growth rate.
  • The only two things you need to build a limitless traffic system (most people leave the first one until the last minute)..

Finally, MTS Protocol focuses on how to scale your business to the level you desire.




Or more...

It's only limited by how far you want to take it.

It’s possible because the way you’re presenting your products and services to the market are radically different.

Even if you’re in a crowded niche like fitness, finance, or marketing…. people flock to you because you bring hope…

They believe yours will be different and as long as you deliver the results you promise, they’ll sing your praises from the rooftops, create hashtags in your honor, and become disciples that spread your gospel.

  • When one company used this process, it gained 23,000,000 customers (after failing 14 times).
  • The one thing you should do to immediately get better results (sales) without spending more on traffic or sending more emails
  • The most important element that's at the core of every single million dollar marketing campaign..

This is the goal of the MTS Protocol – to give you the clarity and understanding to start and scale your businesses…. even if you’re completely new.

The Getting Real Manifesto and The Getting Real Gameplan are books and over 2 hours of video training where, for the first time ever, I break apart the MTS Protocol in its entirety.

And now, you can get the secrets that have been jealously guarded when you order a copy of The Getting Real Manifesto & The Getting Real Gameplan.

Ditch Overwhelm & Confusion for Clarity + Freedom

Grab your copy of The Getting Real Manifesto, The Getting Real Gameplan, and the 2 hour video training to find out how the “Real Entrepreneurs” reach the $100,000 per year mark (or more) in record time… by doing less, not more. Discover….

  • The Real Way To Unlock Unlimited Traffic, Leads, and Sales – without creating hundreds of podcasts, blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, FB lives, or tweets.
  • The Real Way To Scale Your Business - without creating hundreds of products, speaking on 25 stages, being a guest on 100 podcasts, or writing a New York Times best-seller.
  • The Real Way To Work Less, and Make More – this is that secret that no “expert” will actually tell you. In fact, they tell you to do the exact opposite.

In addition to the Getting Real Manifesto that reveals the concepts, you’ll get The Getting Real Blueprint that shows you how to implement each one.

These two books also come with over two hours of over the shoulder video training. I show you how I’m carrying out these concepts on real businesses.

  • The structure of a million dollar business
  • The traffic generation matrix to flood your offers with qualified visitors
  • Behind the scenes of a million dollar business
  • An advanced Facebook funnel that delivers customers like clockwork

The System for going from Zero to Hero with Raving Fans


People like to make this online selling thing really complicated.

You have a 30-part email sequence, 10 different subpar offers, and a social media strategy more complicated than neurosurgery.

Please stop..

It's not... that complicated.

It just requires the right approach and the right systems...

I'll give it to you.

In addition to the in depth guides, I'm going to give you a few extras...

Bonus 1: Traffic generation matrix training ($79 value) - This training breaks down the hidden secrets behind unlocking unlimited traffic that actually grows your business.

It's not about social media and all of that interesting stuff that's being shoved down everyone's throat...

It shows you exactly how aggressive you can be with traffic generation and what you absolutely shouldn't do if you don't have much resources.

You'll learn where you stand now and the problem new and experienced entrepreneurs have when it comes to traffic generation.

You'll also discover the simple formula you can use to to explode traffic almost overnight.

Bonus 2: Scale from Scratch Playbook Video training ($147 value): If I had to build a business from scratch and start generating customers in 30 days, this is exactly what I'd do.

I wouldn't blog to try and build an audience.

It wouldn't require a website full of trust "content."

I definitely wouldn't go and "secure my brand" by setting up social media accounts across the web.

The process is much simpler and much more effective and I break everything down for you step by step including what kind of content to really create and which platforms to use to get your first customers..

Are you ready to get started?

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