5 Proven Ways to Create an Eye-Catching Video for Twitter


Every social media user has experienced the bliss of aimlessly scrolling on their mobile device while reading through friend's posts and watching every production that pops up. Many of these recordings are promotional videos.

What's interesting about this is that an estimated 64% of social media users will buy items after watching a brand's production. However, it doesn't end there. Further research has revealed that:

  • Videos surpass all other types of content
  • Social media posts encompassing a set of productions increases views by 48%
  • Return on investment for social media video marketing pleases about 88% of marketers
  • More than half of the targeted audience agree that they prefer watching brand productions to other types of content

So, what makes this form of marketing so effective? To answer this question, we'll explore five proven ways that'll enable you to get the most out of this type of content on Twitter. Check here to find out more. 

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Panning Is Crucial

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Creating a compelling video isn't possible without efficient planning and a thoughtful, sensitive story that'll be remembered by your customers. Starting with a narrative on social challenges and how people succeed is always useful. Such tales have the potential of enhancing the levels of oxytocin in your brain.

This neurochemical makes people more charitable, trustworthy, and compassionate. When used correctly, these human traits can be exceptionally beneficial to your brand. So, in essence, you should create a well-drafted script that's real and emotional, but be careful not to come across as wanting to exploit the story.

Plan your production in three phases; the start, middle, and finish. Be sure to add specific use cases or challenges that need solving. In this way, you'll attract not only the audience's hearts but also their minds.

Make the Most of the First Eight Seconds

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Since the year 2000, the average human attention span has consistently decreased from twelve seconds to a mere eight seconds. Therefore, it's essential to catch the viewer's attention within that amount of time. Failing to do this will result in you rapidly losing viewers as most people will start scrolling down, searching for another video.

So, when you draft your script, add something interesting, such as a mind-blowing fact at the beginning that'll entice them to finish watching your production. Then keep your audience interested with the promise of revealing something of immense value at the end.

Make Use of Subtitles

Since a large portion of consumers check their feeds in public and would prefer not to draw the attention of others, they do so without sound. Therefore, including readable subtitles in your production is essential. Remember, you can't attract the viewers' attention if they don't understand what you're trying to tell them.

Keep Your Production Short and Relevant

Twitter is known for its quick, compelling updates. Thus, even though your production can be up to two minutes and twenty seconds, it's best to keep it as short as possible. As a guideline, you should aim not to exceed 45 seconds. Although longer videos are ok, you must ensure that the extra time adds value and relevance.

Interact With Your Audience

“Twitter Social Network” by Mizter_X94 from Pixabay 

Twitter, more so than anything else, is about having conversations. You can either start them or join an existing dialogue. Tapping into this aspect is essential. Find the events, trends, topics, and holidays people frequently discuss and include your video to stand out in these chats.

The most convenient way to join these discussions is to add their associated hashtags to your personal tweets. This is an uncomplicated method for getting your productions in front of a broader audience, and not only your followers.

To Wrap Up

Twitter video is here to stay, and it's up to you to use it to your advantage. Study existing social media marketing and borrow that which works. Combine this with adequate planning and making the most of the first eight seconds will ensure that you create videos that keep your followers' eyes glued to the screen. However, remember to interact with your audience and keep it short.

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